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News and Updates

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How AI Coach Provides Real-Time Feedback To Students

How AI Coach Provides Real-Time Feedback To Students

Ever since the introduction of ChatGPT, conversations surrounding Artificial Intelligence have gone into overdrive. The benefits of incorporating AI tools into virtually any industry is what makes the technology so powerful. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that the …


Customizing Open edX for Platform Tierra: A Collaborative Success Story

In an extraordinary partnership, Edly has teamed up with Platform Tierra to embark on a remarkable journey of customizing Open edX. Together, we have brought forth a series of groundbreaking solutions tailored exclusively for Platform Tierra. Our team has developed …

Cairn: Now Free for Everyone

Cairn: Now Free for Everyone

Keeping up with our commitment to open-source software, Edly, and Overhang.io are pleased to share some great news! As of today, Cairn and other Overhang.io plugins from the Wizard Edition are now freely available to the community.  Since Edly’s acquisition …

Testimonials and client reviews

How to Add New Testimonials to Edly Marketing Site

Testimonials are essential for adding credibility to your eLearning business and building trust. Take them as examples of social proof that give confidence to your target audience to invest time and money in your courses and offerings. This establishes testimonials …

Bulk user registration

How to Use Bulk Registration Feature in Edly Panel?

To make the registration process a breeze, Edly introduced the bulk registration feature in March 2022. This feature allows you to add users to your Edly site all at once in a seamless way.  How? Let’s find out! Bulk Registration …

Learner insights

How to Use Edly Panel for Learner Insights

In today’s world, making a sound decision without relevant data does not only look strange but is also widely becoming unacceptable. Data is helpful in understanding what’s working and what needs to be revised or removed altogether. When it comes …

2023 Open edX CONFERENCE

The 2023 Open edX Conference Highlights

The much-awaited 2023 Open edX conference was held this year from March 28th to 31st in Cambridge, Massachusetts. eLearning experts from around the world participated in engaging workshops and featured sessions, discussing the latest innovations in the industry and the …

Edly’s Tutor Acquisition: Driving Innovation in the EdTech Landscape

Edly’s Tutor Acquisition: Driving Innovation in the EdTech Landscape

Edly has taken the next big step in making open-source software more accessible and renewing our commitment to the Open edX community. Our recent acquisition of Tutor’s parent company, Overhang.io is part of our vision to make open-source software more …

A year of success at Edly

A Year of Success at Edly

The start of the new year marks a fresh beginning for all of us. As we step into 2023, it’s important to take a moment and reflect on the past year and what a year it has been for Edly! …

The new Open edX Olive release

What’s New in the Open edX Olive Release

Like clockwork, the fifteenth Open edX community release, Olive, was published on 12th December, 2022. This new release is just the latest in a long line of updates that strive to keep the Open edX platform robust. As with its …

The new Edly experience-blog

A Glance at the New Edly Experience

Reinvention and reimagination are central to keeping organizations relevant to the times. For Edly, that means evaluating how our audience and customers view us and incorporating changes that better reflect our values.  Keeping the spirit of change alive, Edly is …


How to Create a New Course in Edly Studio

Edly Studio is a course authoring suite that comes with your Edly LMS. It is a built-in authoring tool that empowers content creators and course authors to weave their content together hassle-freely and with no technical experience or third-party instructional …