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Our corporate LMS allows you to connect, collaborate, and train at scale while tracking progress throughout your organization.


Edly Corporate LMS Makes Learning a Part of Your Growth Culture

With Edly’s best-in-class corporate learning management system, instruct multiple cohorts and keep your employees’ growth always at the heart of the organization. Our workplace LMS provides extensive reporting options, employee-centered data analysis, and frictionless course architecture, helping you track the progress of your entire staff and raising the bar for the whole company. From employee onboarding to succession training to providing professional, recognizable qualifications to employees, our LMS can cater to all of your learning needs.


Compatible with the eLearning needs of all industries


Blended training programs to upskill employees


Certificates to award the hard work of learners


Create personalized training paths for various departments and teams

Train Employees with the Best Corporate LMS in the Market

Easily Onboard Employees

Skip the hassle of onboarding employees manually and enjoy the comfort of a workplace LMS that lets you create centralized content that can be shared across multiple departments for easy onboarding of employees, anytime anywhere.

Streamline Learning

Ensure everyone in the organization has access to the same information and gets equal opportunities by leveraging corporate LMS. Create training programs and courses that can upskill employees with ease. Categorize your content based on your employees’ roles and departments, ensuring users who need special training or awareness have access to the right resources.

Assess Training Outcome

Make use of superior insights and reports provided by Edly’s corporate LMS to gauge training efficiency. Get to know the course completion rate, time to completion (in the case of self-paced courses), overall progress, and the questions most people couldn’t answer to improve course content and make improvements to learning programs.


Scalable Solution

As your employee base grows, our corporate LMS grows with it to give you a hassle-free experience where you don’t have to worry about manually upgrading your LMS plan or switching to another service provider to cater to the growing needs of your learners.

Hassle-free Integrations

Connect Edly’s corporate LMS with tools and systems that can add more value to your learning programs and supercharge your eLearning platform so that your learners benefit from it. Easily integrate with your existing system to continue smooth operations with Edly.

Corporate LMS personalization

Personalized Experience

Our LMS platform enables you to white-label your content, understands your branding needs, and enables you to give the platform the look and feel of your organization with easy customizations.

Our Process


Project Assessment

Understanding your needs is important for successful project delivery. For that reason, we start the process with an initial project assessment call to analyze your organization’s goals regarding e-learning.


Project Proposal

An analysis of your needs helps us develop a project proposal for you that includes information about project needs, deliverables, time to completion, etc. Get peace of mind with our rate card and expert estimations.


Project Deployment

Once the proposal is accepted, we proceed to the final and most crucial stage - project deployment - to give you the best LMS experience you deserve.

Our Workplace LMS Toolkit

Learning Management System (LMS)

Edly LMS is more than just a content creation platform. It enables you to carry out other activities like communicating with learners, assessing their progress, creating certificates, managing forums, and viewing grade books without any hassle.


Studio is a complete content authoring suite that enables you to create and embed course documents, assessments, discussions, videos, and much more. With superior authoring tools, Studio allows you to develop reusable content libraries, micro-courses, and complete training programs to facilitate eLearning like no other.


Superior user experience along with a customizable eLearning platform awaits you with Discovery. Powered by WordPress, Discovery can be on your preferred URLs and domains and is designed to let you white-label your platform and personalize it to give the look and feel of your brand.

Edly Go

Made to meet the needs of today’s learners, Edly Go is the mobile app version of Edly LMS that enables your employees to access course content and training while on the go. From personnel development to company best practices, Edly Go covers all.

Training Management Portal

Built to make it easier for corporations to manage training programs, Edly’s Learning Management System enables you to add/remove trainees to a training, view trainee profiles, and maintain trainee records.

Feedback System

Edly LMS comes with a built-in feedback system that allows trainees to get instant feedback on their quizzes and assessments. It also enables fill satisfaction surveys about the quality of training, enabling a two-way feedback loop. This feedback system also enables trainers to visualize data and identify learner pain points to improve training content and generate more value for learners.

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