Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Learning Management System

What is a Learning Management System (LMS)?
A Learning Management System is a platform that powers eLearning by facilitating the creation, management, and delivery of learning content. An LMS makes education accessible to the masses, enabling them to enroll in courses/training programs from anywhere in the world. Learn more about Learning Management Systems here.
Who is an LMS for?

An LMS, or a Learning Management System, can be used by any organization regardless of its industry. Some common examples include organizations in the education sector (such as colleges, universities, and school districts), as well as other organizations like nonprofits, healthcare, government, and corporate sectors (from small businesses all the way to enterprise organizations). Learning Management Systems can also be used as stand-alone businesses. The target audience of an LMS comprises learners of the content available on the LMS. For example, for a corporation using an LMS for internal training, the target audience of its LMS would be the employee base of the organization. 

What are the features of an LMS?

To deliver top-notch eLearning services, you need an LMS packed with all the essential features. At Edly, the LMS platforms we build come with a centralized admin panel, a WordPress-powered storefront, a course authoring suite, a mobile app, learner insights, eCommerce integrations, and much more. Learn about all our features here.

What are LMS integrations?

LMS integrations are additions to your existing basic version of LMS that enable you to get your desired outcome from your eLearning platform. For example, eCommerce integration can help you make money from your courses. 

Can I make money from my LMS platform?

Yes. You can earn money from your LMS platform by charging for the courses or the learning material you have on the platform. An eCommerce integration (e.g. with Stripe, PayPal, or another payment gateway) can help with payments on the platform.


White label LMS: What is it?
White labeling an LMS enables organizations to give a unique look and feel to their eLearning platform to resonate with their brand identity. Read more on white-label LMS here.

Open edX

What is Open edX?
Open edX is an open-source eLearning platform run by Axim Collaborative. Open edX facilitates eLearning through its open-source Learning Management System (LMS) technology, enabling education providers to build customized learning solutions catering to the needs of their target audience. Learn more about Open edX here.
Why choose an Open edX LMS?

Open edX-powered LMS platforms stand apart from other LMSs for various reasons. Some notable ones include:

    1. Ability to white label and brand your platform and change colors, fonts, languages, and the background of microsites on your learning platform with ease.
    2. Custom content widgets and plugins (known as xBlocks) allow modules to be used for more than one course at a time on your eLearning platform
    3. As an open-source system, you can integrate tools of your choice on your LMS
    4. Incorporate different payment options on your platform to charge for access to your courses. Microsites on your LMS can have distinct payment options too
Is Open edX free?

Open edX technology is open source which means, the code necessary to install and run the Open edX Platform on a server is free. You will, however, be bearing the cost of hosting, maintaining, supporting, and (if needed) customizing your eLearning platform.


What Open edX services do you provide?

Edly is a full-service Open edX provider: we provide Open edX Managed Hosting, Installation, Custom Solutions (i.e. integrations and customization), Course Authoring, and Instructional Design services.

Edly LMS

What is the pricing model for Edly SaaS?
Edly offers 3 packages as part of its pricing model for Edly SaaS, namely Essentials, Elite, and Enterprise (allows custom development of features). You can also get firsthand experience of the platform for a month using our free trial instance. Learn more about our packages here.
What are the components of Edly LMS?
There are four main components of Edly LMS namely LMS, Panel (administrative suite), Studio (course authoring suite), Discovery (WordPress-powered store-front), and Edly Go (mobile app).
What types of integrations are available in Edly LMS?
Some examples of integrations provided by Edly include API, Customer Relationship Management tools, Social Media, Single Sign-On (SSO), and e-commerce integrations. Learn more about integrations here.
What are Monthly Active Users (MAUs)?

Monthly Active Users (MAUs) are unique users who use your platform at least once in a given month. MAUs can be less than the total number of registered users at a given time. If any user stops accessing the platform, they are no longer counted in the billing cycle.

Why does Edly charge by the number of MAUs?

Our model is simple and transparent. It is also extremely predictable: you know what you are paying for. The MAU count resets each month, making budgeting straightforward. You also do not pay for users who are registered on your platform but no longer access it.

Is there a one-time set-up fee at Edly?

Yes. Our base fee covers the minimum cost for our servers and maintenance, including all autoscaling, monitoring, and security.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept PayPal, cheques, as well as wire transfers. Edly SaaS is already integrated with Stripe, allowing for easy payments for your month-to-month subscription.

What types of agreements and discounts are available?

The standard Edly contract is a 1-year paid subscription. Subsequent discounts are available for 2 and 3-year agreements.

eLearning Business

What is an eLearning business?

An eLearning business facilitates online teaching and learning by providing a platform for both trainers and learners to interact online. The platform offers accessibility from anywhere in the world for a nominal cost (or can be free too).

What eLearning services do you provide?
Our services include course authoring, instructional design, managed hosting, Open edX installation, Open edX custom solutions, data migration, and LMS training and support. Learn more about our services here.
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