White Label LMS: What is it and Why is it Important?

Representing your brand isn’t simply limited to your website and social media profiles. Organizations these days need to ensure that however they interact with their customers, employees, and partners, their brand identity must reflect in a unique and cohesive way. This applies to any eLearning platforms used for employee or customer training too. 

The challenge here is that custom eLearning platforms are expensive to build and many cheaper out-of-the-box solutions out there still carry references to third-party vendors. This can be detrimental to your training efforts as, even on a subconscious level, your learners will come to distrust a brand that they cannot identify with.

Fortunately, a white label LMS can offer a decent compromise between customizability and economy. Let’s look at the details!

What is a White Label LMS?

White labeling is an easy way to extend your brand identity to different platforms and solutions. A white label LMS allows organizations to give a unique look and feel to their training platform. This involves leveraging another vendor’s platform while re-branding any original vendor logos, colors, and any other visual effects with the preferred graphics and other assets needed to reflect the brand. Doing so allows your LMS platform to appear to be completely your own, without running into technological glitches that may arise when creating your own eLearning platform from scratch.

Why Do You Need a White Label LMS?

Boost Your Brand

Whether you’re training employees or onboarding customers, it is important that the look and feel of your LMS reflect your organization. A white label LMS allows organizations to represent their brand logo, colors, and even tone across different parts of the platform, elevating the learner experience and making them even more familiar with their brand. 

When users log onto your LMS and see your brand representation everywhere, they begin to associate your brand’s value with the quality of your content and treat you as an authority on the subject. A lot of this happens on a subconscious level. Tapping into this goes a long way toward retaining customer loyalty. 

Imagine if your LMS is on your company’s URL, using the correct logos, millennial fonts, and graphics. It will naturally feel like this LMS is an extension of the company’s offerings. It will make the LMS feel connected to the larger brand. 

Customize Your Platform

White labeling your LMS isn’t limited to graphics and assets though. Many standard LMSs come with fixed features and elements. A white label LMS, on the other hand, can allow you the flexibility to incorporate different elements and experiment without feeling ‘tied down’. Whether you want to incorporate instructional design or build a sense of community among your learners, numerous options are available to you. 

Many organizations also have unique needs when it comes to gamification or incorporating other engaging elements in their training. These needs can also vary for the same organization as it grows. The flexibility provided by a white label LMS makes it possible for organizations to change their training platform with changing times.

Beyond instructional design and interactivity, your content itself can be relevant to your brand. For example, a course on security and compliance can talk about your organization’s specific values with regards to customers’ privacy rights. Or if you’re planning to train customers, you could highlight your organization’s brand and history in the content. This is the difference between sending users to an external training platform like LinkedIn Learning or Udemy and building a brand through your eLearning content. 

Use Built-In Reporting Tools and Integrations

As important as data is for any organization, it is easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer amount of it. How to understand, organize, or manipulate large amounts of data is a mammoth task that not all organizations can afford to spend resources on. You might be surprised but this too is where a white label LMS comes in handy.

Not only do these Learning Management Systems come with a variety of ways to organize data, but also offer top-rated built-in reporting tools that can help you visualize this data in the form of interactive charts. This is especially useful to small-scale organizations that cannot dedicate extensive resources to creating proprietary reporting software.

White Label LMS

Keep Costs Low

Developing an LMS platform from scratch is not only expensive but also incredibly complicated. You would need a dedicated in-house development team, make executive decisions on keeping or axing several features, and most importantly, constantly deal with bugs. It takes many revisions and updates for any software to get up and running smoothly and new issues can arise as users begin to explore your platform.

It would be much more cost-effective to get a white label LMS solution that comes tried and tested but also leaves room for you to put your own spin on it. Imagine if your audience associated a hassle-free eLearning experience with your brand and if you pulled that off at a lower cost than building your solution from scratch. 

Get Support When You Need It

Another great convenience that comes with white label LMSs is the fact that you can always get support for any issues you run into. Running into problems is inevitable and the only thing organizations can do about it is ensure that the LMS of their choice has well-rounded, round-the-clock technical support. This also means that dedicating resources to an advanced in-house IT team can be avoided. 

Talk To Us!

A white label LMS can open up a world of possibilities for any organization that takes its branding seriously. Customizations can also go beyond simply branding, and help you design your content in a way that better connects with your audience.

Whether you want to customize your UI, integrate specific applications, or incorporate instructional design into your platform, Edly is here to help. Our Edly SaaS solution is ready to be white labeled out-of-the-box. If completely customizing existing, best-in-class software is more up your alley, check out the custom solutions we offer that can help you take your white label LMS to the next level. Better still, reach out to us for a free demo!CTA-Blog

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