Unmatched K12 Experience

Comprehensive eLearning for K12 students is no easy feat. Edly enables this goal with its top-notch K12 LMS, developed to help you create a seamless online classroom experience suitable for educators and learners of all age groups.

The Right K12 LMS for Competency-based Learning

Providing the best K12 LMS experience means knowing student habits and developing the courses around them and their unique needs. Using the extensive features of Edly’s SaaS platform in blended teaching opens a whole new world of possibilities.



Edly K12 LMS comes packed with powerful content delivery tools that enhance learner engagement. Let it be animations, essay responses, or simulations, the Edly SaaS LMS delivers an immersive learning experience to all age groups.



K12-focused pedagogy has never been this easy. Edly offers a flexible learning environment with its K12 LMS, taking into consideration the diverse needs of learners of all age groups to provide a comprehensive learning experience to them.



Stay on top of learners’ progress with superior analytics and reports offered by Edly K12 SaaS LMS. Understand the needs and growth of learners through various data points and pace your courses accordingly.

Edly’s K12 LMS Advantage

Student and
Teacher Portals

Teachers and instructors get to see the progress of their students through a dashboard specifically made for them. They can see student progress and create unique learning paths for students and leverage gradebooks for course-specific insights. Students get to see their class material in their view.


Valuable Insights and Actionable Reports

Make use of Edly’s built-in reporting system to get valuable insights and help make better decisions for students and teachers and any other stakeholder in your K12 LMS. From learner progress to demographics to learning trends, the Edly K12 LMS provides in-depth data that can help your teams excel.

Scalable Solution that Grows with You

Edly K12 LMS provides you the freedom to grow your learner base without worrying about changing your LMS service provider. Our scalable LMS solution grows with your learner base without any hassle. You can start with implementing your LMS for one grade, department, or course and scale-out based on what’s needed.


Personalized Learning Experience

Give an unmatched learning experience to your students with our K12 LMS that can be customized to meet your learners’ needs and white-labeled to resonate with your brand. You can use high-quality, interactive question types specific to each course and each age group. Use your Edly Discovery site to create a comprehensive student portal with resources for students and parents alike.

Accessible and

Reach out to more people with an LMS that is easy to use and takes into consideration the needs of your learners. From differently-abled to unique learning needs, make your platform accessible to all with our K12 LMS that comes loaded with groundbreaking features and integrations.

Easy-Integration with-Powerful-Tools-(OPPIA)​-K12-LMS

Easy Integration with Powerful Tools (OPPIA)

Supercharge your LMS with powerful integrations that add more value to it and give it a more personalized touch based on your needs. A/synchronous Learning (online classes, pragmatic learning experience) Multi-lingual Platforms

Our Process


Needs Assessment

We start off with an initial needs assessment call to analyze your organization’s goals regarding e-learning.


Project Proposal

We come up with a project proposal based on the data gathered during the needs assessment stage.



Once the proposal is accepted, we proceed to the final and most crucial stage - project deployment to give you the K12 LMS you deserve.

Our Toolkit that Helps You Deliver a Delightful Experience

Learning Management System (LMS)

Our Learning Management System (LMS) empowers you to not only create course content but to also engage in other activities like communicating with students, assessing student progress, developing certificates, managing discussion forums, and viewing grade books.


Develop diverse course content such as documents, discussions, assessments, simulations, animations, and HD videos in Studio – an all-in-one course authoring suite. From building reusable content libraries to developing micro and complete degree programs to weaving unlimited courses, Studio facilitates eLearning like no other.


Enhance user experience and customize your eLearning platform with Discovery, powered by WordPress. With Discovery, you get white-labeling support to give your eLearning platform the look and feel that resonates with your brand.

Edly Go

Built to fulfill the needs of your learners while on the go and across multiple devices, Edly Go is the perfect mobile app for your K12 LMS. Letting your students take course content from devices provided by your school district–like desktops, laptops, Chromebooks, and tablets–to their personal mobile devices. Facilitating access to your platform from anywhere, Edly Go ensures complete access to the entire course material including lectures, assignments, and quizzes.

Build a K12 LMS with Edly

Create an engaging K12 experience with the best and most trusted LMS platform