The Toolkit you Need to Build a Successful Learning Management System (LMS)

Edly provides powerful LMS features that empower you to deliver a groundbreaking e-learning experience


Centralized Admin Panel

Manage your eLearning platform efficiently with an admin panel that centralizes all the tools you need to operate seamlessly. Skip the hassle with the Edly admin panel that comes loaded with features such as:

Edly admin panel features


Edly provides a built-in e-commerce system, empowering you to sell your online courses, instructor-led training, certification programs, and even physical products while integrating all major payment gateways.

Learner Discovery

Learner Discovery, integrated with WordPress, is the storefront for your platform. It provides an inviting and user-friendly course catalog experience, marketing site, and portal for prospective learners. A customizable WordPress solution, Learner Discovery offers a variety of features to customize the look and feel of your eLearning website.


Learning Management System (LMS)

An engaging and intuitive LMS solution powered by Open edX that fades to the background so that your learners can focus on learning instead of the software.

Open edX Studio

Studio is a complete course-authoring suite that lets you weave your blended learning content together in a way that reinforces learning. Insert videos, discussions, and a wide variety of exercises in just a few clicks. With Open edX Studio, there’s no need for separate instructional design and course-authoring tools.


Edly Go

Never miss an opportunity to connect with your learners through Edly’s mobile app, Edly Go. With Edly Go, you can empower learners to easily and quickly upskill, complete courses, and get certified through their mobile device at home or on the go. Powered by Edly’s experience of over seven years of Open edX® mobile app development for Android and iOS, our mobile app experience is a winner.

Features That Set Us Apart


Learner Analytics

Our comprehensive reporting is not only meant to inform you where learners are having the most difficulty, but it also empowers you to make better, data-driven decisions. From demographics to learner trends, we document the learning process in its entirety giving you the insights you need about the quality of your learning delivery.



Enabling learning beyond borders, the systems our engineers build are designed for easy localization and can be used globally in dozens of languages.



With compliance to industry standards including GDPR, we ensure that your proprietary information is always treated confidentially, transmitted securely, and never, ever at risk.



Linking your platform with other apps and services means you can enhance your success rate by building on our core functionality.



Adhering to an unconditional theme of inclusivity, we work to ensure that everyone, regardless of any physical challenge, can be a part of our ecosystem and excel.



Offer learners an official document to mark the completion of their studies. With Edly’s unique Certification feature, configure and create certificates customized for your organization.

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