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Leverage Edly’s over 9 years of experience to deploy your preferred Open edX release and other server-critical systems and integrations onto your organization’s preferred hosting infrastructure with ease.


About Open edX Installation

Open edX has transformed the world of education with its cutting-edge solutions aimed at making education accessible to all. From course creation to delivery to performance analysis, this open-source platform is powering great Learning Management Systems (LMS) worldwide, including that of edX.


What’s the First Step?

The first step is to conduct a requirements-gathering session and perform a needs analysis to identify which Open edX release is best for your organization. From there, our team of experts will need access to your hosting infrastructure–like AWS, Azure, even your on-premise servers, and more– to complete the installation.


How Long Does it Take?

Depending on the type of installation, it typically takes 10 to 30 days to get your Open edX based eLearning platform up and running. After the initial setup, other tasks are performed based on your unique needs and the amount of customization you want. The key to shortening this process is open communication and access to your hosting infrastructure. It may not be as simple as just server access: we may need the support of your IT/technical staff, DevOps team, or Site Reliability Engineers in hosting, systems configuration to your website, and other platforms.


What Happens After Installation?

Before any customizations or integrations have taken place, your platform will already be themed to match the look and feel of your brand. We design the LMS and Studio, and integrate them with any required third-party solutions such as an e-commerce gateway of your preference and configure single sign-on as/if needed. Beyond this step, typical next steps will include setting up platform monitoring tools on your hosting infrastructure, integrating third party systems, and scoping out platform customizations.

Open edX Installation Methods



Best suited in a docker-based environment for both production and development stages, Tutor is a fairly new installation method introduced in the most recent Lilac release but has quickly become the preferred Open edX installation method.



A Docker-based development environment, Devstack is suitable for modifying Open edX code locally in the master version on your system. Open edX installation with the Devstack method is similar to a puzzle - quick and easy to assemble the components.



Native enables a production-ready installation on a Ubuntu machine, using Ansible playbook with manual software deployment. This method can be used for both Master (still being tested by the community) and Release (latest stable version of Open edX code) versions. However, the Native method has been discontinued as of the Maple Open edX.

Open edX Installation Components

Disperse information in a collaborative manner ensured by an immersive online learning environment. Do more than just sharing course content; engage in discussions, assess understanding of content with the aid of assessments and quizzes, generate certificates to reward learners, manage forums, and get feedback from learners.

Open edX LMS

An engaging and intuitive interface for learners that allows you to disperse information in a collaborative way. Easy to use, immersive environment that fades to the background so that your learners spend more time on learning and less time on understanding platform navigation.


Course Studio

A complete content authoring suite that lets your staff and trainers stitch content together in a way that reinforces learning. Insert and combine videos, discussions, questions, and a wide variety of exercises in just a few clicks.

Django Admin Panel

The control house for your administration and management to make platform-level changes, set permissions, archive, add and delete data, Django Admin Panel enables you to make the most of your LMS platform.


The Edly Advantage

Edly not just deploys Open edX from scratch for its clients but also offers customization in the Open edX code. Being the official service provider of Open edX, Edly provides full support related to Open edX installation.

Open edX Data Migration

Migrate data from your existing third-party LMS to the new Open edX platform with our dedicated and experienced data migration team using a streamlined process.


Course Development

Utilize our global LearnOps team to build high-quality, state-of-the-art course content made to fit into the units and advanced dynamics of the Open edX Course studio and LMS delivery system.


Set the theme of your Open edX-powered eLearning platform by utilizing our customization services. From the logo to the overall platform styling, give the look and feel of your business to your LMS with ease.


Roll out and Support

Edly provides a dedicated account manager to support you throughout your Open edX installation journey. From the project kick-off phase to the post-deployment stage, enjoy a hiccup-free ride with our team.

Custom XBlock Development

The standard instance of Open edX is not always enough to fulfill organization-specific needs. Edly ensures your LMS caters to all your needs by developing custom XBlocks to enable your desired functionality.


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What do Open edX Installations Look Like?

Curious to know how it will all turn out? Here are some of our happy clients and their customized Open edX eLearning platforms.

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