Instructional design

Instructional Design

Versatile learning ecosystems

Develop an immersive e-learning landscape with engaging courses that keep learners hooked, as if you had them at "hello".

A learning environment that enables

Your e-learning experience is only going to be as engaging as your courses. At Edly, we are determined to supercharge your online courses by combining your knowledge on the topics with our expertise in the development of compelling course-ware with top-notch instructional designing. Our goal is to empower you with various rich content formats that go seamlessly with your course outcomes by creating truly leaner-focused experiences.

Beautiful EdX-Style Courses

Ever wondered why edX® courses look so high-value? The secret is in the instructional design. Our team of experts knows exactly what course-ware you need and how to develop it, depending on your topics, learners and instructors. We leverage our 10 years of expertise in having delivered thousands of awesome courses across millions of learners to tailor-design courses for you.

Crystal-clear Roadmaps

When planning for an online course, defining its objectives and scope can be the most crucial bits. You want to inspire your learners but you don’t want to overwhelm them with mounds of misdirected information. Our team of experts excels at developing sound roadmaps for your course which facilitate in streamlining course production, without compromising on your course’s vision.

Watertight Security

Whether you use our instructional designing services as an end-to-end solution or on-demand, we never overlook the importance of your proprietary information, and ensure that it is always treated confidentially, transmitted securely, and never, ever at risk.

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