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A Completely Customized, Proprietary Platform Built for the Success of your eLearning Business

Working with a reliable Learning Management System (LMS) can unlock success for your business while enabling you to deliver groundbreaking online learning solutions efficiently. Whether it’s training customers on your product, educating vendors on your processes, or just charging for your custom training content, Edly provides you unmatched LMS features aimed at fulfilling the needs of your learners and customers alike, setting you apart in the market.


Learner-Centered Design

When eLearning is a part of your business, the content you create and your focus on learners becomes an extension of your organization and your brand. As an ed-tech company, we create truly learner-focused ecosystems and keep customer experience at the heart of Edly development.



Our industry-standard frameworks connect your platform with hundreds of rich learning applications, tools, and your favorite apps to make the learner experience your own. Integrate the third party applications of your choosing and embed custom course content to create unique eLearning experiences for your customers and other users.


Business-Minded Solutions

Whether you’re charging for your courses or offering them for free, our integrated payment gateways, course program bundles, and built-in e-commerce functionality allow you to have a comprehensive way to get your learners and customers registered onto your platform while you get paid for all your efforts.

Build an eLearning Business that Stands Apart with Edly

Valuable Reports
and Insights

Edly provides superior analytics and reports that help you make better decisions, know about learners’ progress, and enhance course content accordingly. Assess the success of your courses through course completion rates and understand your learners and their needs by looking at their course interactions. If you’re offering credits for your courses or need to comply with the standards of a regulatory body, leverage our user reporting and audit trails to provide yourself and your customers peace of mind that their progress has been logged and tracked.


Scalable LMS that Grows with Your Business

At Edly, we are committed to helping our clients grow their businesses at the speed of light. That’s why we ensured our LMS is the right fit for an organization with growth and expansion goals. As your eLearning business grows, your learner base grows with it and so does the Edly LMS. A truly scalable solution, our LMS does not hinder your progress.

Personalized Experience

Creating an LMS that complies with your branding expectations is possible with Edly. Our LMS enables you to create a personalized platform that aligns with your core values and gives the look and feel of your brand in a hassle-free way. White-label your eLearning platform with ease. You can even take it a step further and create multiple sites and portals branded specifically for your different offerings, brands, customers, or products with our multi-site feature.


Inclusive and
Accessible Solution

A Learning Management System that focuses on inclusive learning and accessibility, Edly LMS is easy to understand, navigate, and use for anyone in any part of the world. We believe in learning without borders and strive to offer solutions that ensure the possibility of this goal.

Integrations that

Based on the needs of your learners, Edly allows numerous useful integrations that help you deliver a winning eLearning experience. Pick and choose the integrations that can be of value to you and turn your LMS into an eLearning platform that stands apart.


Our Process


Project Assessment

We start off the process with a project assessment call where we learn about the client’s business needs, eLearning goals, and subsequent requirements.


Project Proposal

We will prepare a proposal based on your project requirements and present it to you to help you understand exactly how Edly can add value to your business with our unique offerings.


Project Deployment

After the proposal is accepted, we’ll kick off the project officially and move towards deployment. Once the deployment is done, the eLearning platform is handed over to you. You’ll receive the account management and training you need to take your course offerings to the next level

The Tools that Make Our LMS a Success

Learning Management System (LMS)

Our LMS offers a complete solution for your eLearning business needs. In addition to course and content creation, the Edly LMS comes loaded with tools that enable your customers to effectively interact with your content, analyze their progress, access certificates, engage in discussion forums, and more. Transform your customer relationships with this comprehensive set of eLearning tools.


Studio enables you to develop diverse content such as documents, discussion questions, assessments, quizzes, videos, and much more with its superior authoring tools. It allows you to create reusable content libraries, micro-courses, and complete courses in a seamless way.


The Edly Discovery site provides customization options that enable you to create an eLearning platform and digital storefront that resonates with your brand and delivers a smooth user experience. You can white-label your eLearning platform on Discovery and personalize it however you like.

Edly Go

Edly’s mobile app, Edly Go, is perfect for today’s learners. It enables you to provide entire course content to your customers on their mobile devices so that they can learn while on the go. Ensure high course attendance and completion rates with Edly Go.

Edly Panel

Your centralized control panel for controlling your platform, managing data and users, generation of reports, customization of platform, exclusive environment for organizational admins, role management and assignment, account deactivation

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