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Experience Seamless Deployment, Customization, and Scalability

Experience the optimal blend of simplicity and power with Tutor, ensuring streamlined and robust Open edX management.

100% Open Source

Embrace the freedom and flexibility of a completely and truly open-source platform.

Simplified Installation

Tutor’s intuitive installation process leverages Docker to streamline Open edX setup and administration.

Extensible Architecture

Tutor’s extensible framework allows for tailored functionalities and deep customization.

Seamless Upgrades

Smooth and hassle-free upgrades that keep your platform current with the latest Open edX features.

Extend Your Open edX

Expand the capabilities and customize the appearance of your Open edX platform to meet your specific learning and business needs and goals.


Explore our library of official & third-party plugins that extend the power of Open edX.


Customize and brand your Open edX experience with our versatile theme.

About the Open edX Project

Worldwide Reach

Open edX's global footprint extends to over 80 million users in more than 190 countries.

Academic Excellence

Open edX collaborates with 37 of the top 50 universities worldwide, fostering academic innovation.

Industry Adoption

Trusted by top companies, global non-profits, & governments, it is used in diverse settings, including national-scale deployments.

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