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Set your eLearning business plans in motion with the help of our cutting-edge services that support your learning initiatives and empower you to implement them seamlessly.


Managed Hosting

Managed Hosting allows you to have your complete eLearning solution hosted on your servers or servers provided to you but affords you full-time monitoring, maintenance, and DevOps support resources from Edly to ensure the success of your product.


Open edX LMS Installation

A great starting point for organizations wanting to start their eLearning journey, our LMS installation services allows Edly to deliver the Open edX® solution onto your servers. After a one-time cost, the solution is yours to keep and manage.

Open edX Custom Solutions

From 3rd party integrations to custom eLearning experiences, our Custom Solutions allows us to create unique experiences tailored to your specific needs to help you develop your own fully-branded, scalable Open edX®-powered learning platforms that grow as your clients’ needs grow.


Instructional Design

Empowering you to create compelling courses through our top-notch instructional design service. Align your course outcomes with rich content formats focused on enhancing learner experience through curriculum design and course storyboarding. Our pedagogy-focused instructional design team marries your learners’ success with your user experience preferences.

Course Authoring

Helping you implement well-structured, correctly paced, and learner-centric course content that gives an immersive experience to your learners by leveraging your existing content, from images to video to text to assessments. With our native SCORM and LTI compatible tools, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel.


LMS Training and Support

Enabling Edly clients to make the most of their online learning platform through our LMS training that will walk them through our seamless scalability, course authoring software capabilities, and the multitude of learning tools.

Data Migration

Eliminate the technical complexities of moving data from your existing LMS to a scalable, learner-centric platform. Retain valuable learner data and course content by leveraging a hassle-free data migration process.


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At Edly, we take pride in our service quality and years of experience in building and sustaining credible online learning platforms. We understand the needs of our clients and make technology adoption easy for them.

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