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Tailor the most sophisticated, Open edX-powered LMS to your needs with Edly’s Open edX custom feature development. Enjoy the flexibility of making the most advanced eLearning platform by leveraging Edly’s Open edX custom solutions.


What is Open edX?

Open edX is an advanced eLearning platform that has transformed the way we learn and educate ourselves. With periodic software updates, the platform is committed to providing the most effective open-source software to its users globally. However, your organization and its learners come with unique needs, and even a platform as sophisticated as Open edX may not always satisfy the specific needs and requirements of each and every user with its standard instance.

Therefore, Open edX allows custom development where the open-source code provided by the platform can be modified and enhanced to meet your specific requirements. Edly empowers clients with unique needs by making amendments to the Open edX code and creating tailor-made LMS masterpieces.


3rd Party Integrations

Open edX Consultancy

Mobile App Development

UX/UI Enhancement

Django App Development

Development of Custom IDAs (Independently Deployed Applications)

Development of XBlocks and Plugins

Our Services

Leveraging our 9-year expertise in enterprise software development, Open edX, API integration, and modernizing legacy systems, we help organizations accomplish their business goals by finding solutions for their Open edX-related technological and product challenges.

The Edly Advantage


Experienced Engineering Team

Edly has worked with edX for eight years and offers the largest volume of developers on the Open edX Marketplace. Our engineers have extensive experience in developing winning Open edX-based solutions and hence, have a deeper understanding of the platform. From needs assessment to adding customized features to the standard Open edX instance to successful deployment, our experts make the entire process a breeze.


Easy Platform Integrations

Each business comes with a unique set of requirements. Your organization may have a set of platforms to push data into, a local payment gateway, or any other set of needs specific to your organization; our platform entertains integrations that not only expand your LMS’s ability to meet the needs of your business but also leaves you with a very happy learner base.


Platform that Grows with You

Edly LMS is made for organizations that aim to grow. It is scalable, which makes it the perfect choice for your future-focused business. As your business grows, our platform’s ability to manage a growing learner base grows with it.

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