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Edly pricing and plans

Edly SaaS

An all-in-one SaaS offering of Open edX, hosted on Edly’s cloud servers.  Edly SaaS allows you to use the Edly Open edX platform and experience Discovery without breaking the bank.


99.9% uptime guarantee


Cost-friendly and easily adaptable


Hosted on best-in-class AWS servers


99.9% uptime guarantee


Robust architecture to evolve along your needs

Edly support

Robust architecture to evolve along your needs

Plans Designed for Every Organization


Edly Essentials

Best for organizations just getting started

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Edly Elite

Best for organizations with an established user base

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Edly for Enterprise

Best for organizations with the largest user bases or custom needs

Custom pricing for organizations of all sizes

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Monthly Active Users Up to 1,000 Up to 10,000 Unlimited
Courses Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Multi-Sites None Up to 20 Unlimited
Custom Features - -
Customer Support Chat, Email, Self-Service Chat, Email, Self-Service Chat, Email, Self-Service, Dedicated Customer Success Representative


eCommerce -
Zendesk -
Zoom LTI
WordPress Discovery Site
Admin Panel

Supported Content Types

Quizzes, exams
Questions -
Rich Text
HD Video
Advanced Modules
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What Sets us Apart

Admin Panel

The Edly Panel simplifies LMS administration, making it a hassle-free process that lets you achieve your LMS-related goals while giving you built-in reporting and analytics module and complete user role and permissions management tools.

User management on Edly LMS
Personalization on Edly nonprofit LMS

User Portal Discovery Site

The storefront for your platform, Edly Learner Discovery provides an inviting and user-friendly course catalog experience for prospective learners, enabling you to provide a distinctive experience with a best-in-class admin UI powered by WordPress.

Scalable Learning Management System

Through Open edX, Edly has built out a user-friendly, engaging, and intuitive LMS for a hassle-free learning journey. Seamless learner interaction with content is at the forefront of the solution, making it easier for your learners to focus on learning instead of navigating through the software.

Content management on Edly studio

Built-in Course Authoring Suite

The Open edX Studio authoring suite that lets you weave your content together in a way that reinforces learning. Insert videos, discussion questions, and a wide variety of assignments in just a few clicks.

Integrations that Make your Platform More Effective


Single Sign-On


E-commerce Integration


Multi Sites


Customer Support Tool Integration


Mobile Apps

Our Customer Support

With the Edly SaaS LMS, our world-class Customer Success team will have your back, from implementing your platform to organizing training to managing your bugs, tickets, and feature requests to simply ensuring your customer satisfaction. Available across multiple time zones and at your admin team’s fingertips, we’re here to help.

Reports on Edly LMS

Our Product Roadmap

When you join the Edly experience, you’ll become a key player in our product development: your success is our success. That’s why we’ve made our product roadmap transparent and publicly available. But wait, there’s more: through our roadmap, you can also vote on the features you prefer and suggest new features for Edly to build into the platform!

Value-Added Services

Looking to take your eLearning game to the next level? Let our Edly Services Teams help you build out the LMS and eLearning experiences of your dreams!

eLearning Services

Available with Edly SaaS or Edly Custom Solutions, leveraging the hundreds of Edly eLearning specialists building enhanced, engaging eLearning content from customers worldwide.


Data Migration

We’ll help you move your images, videos, text, and questions from their current formats to be compatible with your new LMS.

LMS training and support

LMS Training and Support

Ad-hoc and on-demand training in the areas of your choice by our world-class ed-tech specialists and eLearning consultants.

Instructional Design

From animations to curriculum design, our Instructional Design team will help you turn your eLearning goals into a reality through a combination of pedagogy and user experience design.

Open edX Services

Estimates, proposals, and dedicated teams available after a quick consultation.

Open edX Custom Solutions

Have unique eLearning needs that are not fulfilled by the above-mentioned plans? Leverage the largest volume of Open edX engineers on the market for your custom needs. Get in touch with us to create a customized plan for your business.

Open edX Managed Hosting

Our team can provide integrated platform-monitoring solutions, deploy auto-scaling, and maintain, monitor, and support your hosted Open edX instance. With services based on your AWS infrastructure costs, our Managed Hosting plans are transparent and predictable.


​​What are Monthly Active Users (MAU)?

Unique users who sign into the site at least once per calendar month. This count is different from the count of total registered users. If any user stops accessing the platform, they are no longer counted in the billing cycle.

Why does Edly charge by the number of MAUs?

Our model is simple and transparent. It is also extremely predictable: you know what you are paying for and MAU count resets each month, making budgeting straightforward. You also do not pay for users who are registered on your platform but no longer access it.

Why does Edly charge a one-time setup fee?

With Edly managing your Cloud Hosting, you can focus your attention on your learners. Our base fee covers the minimum cost for our servers and maintenance, including all autoscaling, monitoring, and security.

What types of agreements and discounts are available?

The standard Edly contract is a 1-year paid subscription. Subsequent discounts are available for 2 and 3-year agreements.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Paypal, cheques, as well as wire transfers.