Edly’s Tutor Acquisition: Driving Innovation in the EdTech Landscape

Edly has taken the next big step in making open-source software more accessible and renewing our commitment to the Open edX community. Our recent acquisition of Tutor’s parent company, Overhang.io is part of our vision to make open-source software more accessible around the world. 

The acquisition brings together two companies with a shared goal of better serving the Open edX community. With the Open edX platform growing, there is greater room for innovation. This acquisition presents the opportunity to make more meaningful contributions to the platform.

Let’s take a closer look!

What is Tutor?

Tutor is the official, and most widely used, Docker-based Open edX distribution. It is a convenient and reliable way to deploy, upgrade or customize an Open edX instance. This has reduced the technical burden required to deploy the Open edX platform. Being relatively simple and easy to use, Tutor has been used to deploy numerous Open edX platforms around the world.

Thanks to Tutor, all Open edX components can be created in Docker containers, which means that they can be separated from the rest of the server. It also has relatively low maintenance costs and uses minimal server resources. Best of all, Tutor is an Open-source software.

About the Acquisition

The acquisition allows Edly and Tutor to create and deliver more innovative solutions in the ed-tech space. Both companies have championed open-source software in the past and will continue to do so with a renewed commitment.

Régis Behmo, the Founder and Chief Architect of Overhang, will assume the role of VP of Engineering at Edly. Sharing this exciting moment, Régis remarked, “Edly understands how contributing to open source creates value both for the company and for the whole ed-tech community. The Open edX ecosystem is undergoing considerable growth, which means that there are more and more opportunities for innovation.”

With more opportunities to serve learners and educators around the world, Yasser Bashir, CEO of Arbisoft, welcomed the partnership: “We are thrilled to welcome Tutor into the Edly family. It is a testament to our strong commitment towards open-source software. Régis’s experience and leadership will be invaluable as we increase our impact on educational technology.”

He also promised to share the expanded roadmap for open-source contributions to Open edX in the coming weeks and months, following the acquisition. 

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