Cairn: Now Free for Everyone

Keeping up with our commitment to open-source software, Edly, and Overhang.io are pleased to share some great news! As of today, Cairn and other Overhang.io plugins from the Wizard Edition are now freely available to the community. 

Since Edly’s acquisition of Tutor, we have worked tirelessly to make more meaningful contributions to the ed-tech space and provide open and accessible solutions to the Open edX community. 

Let’s take a quick look at what this means for Overhang.io customers and Open edX enthusiasts alike. 

What is Cairn?

Cairn is a Tutor plugin designed to give detailed analytics and insights you can install on top of the Open edX platform. With more detailed reports than the Open edX Insights, Cairn makes it possible to identify the effective courses, areas of improvement, and at-risk learners in your Open edX instance. 

This plugin allows data to be available in real-time, with fully customizable dashboards, and the ability to provide granular access rights to the relevant course staff. Cairn is scalable, easy to install, and allows you to view a variety of metrics, based on your needs. 

What Does This Mean for the Wizard Edition Customers?

With this announcement, existing Wizard Edition customers can expect their subscriptions to be canceled, with no further invoices. Furthermore, they can install or upgrade Cairn without going through tutor-license, by simply running the command:

A public repository featuring the Cairn source code can be accessed here

Régis Behmo, the CEO of Overhang.io remarked that he had been looking forward to this change since the creation of the Wizard Edition: “I am exceptionally proud of Cairn and the possibilities that it creates for the Open edX platform, and it feels great to finally share the source code with the rest of the world.”

Looking Ahead

With the Cairn source code freely available to the public, we expect some amazing contributions from the Open edX community, helping us introduce new features and making the platform more accessible. With the aim of making the Open edX platform easier and cheaper to run, Edly hopes to continue bringing more improvements to the platform. You can expect new and exciting offerings to our already-expansive Open edX services in the coming months!

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