Why Use Tutor for Open edX Deployment

It is no surprise that Open edX is becoming a preferred choice for eLearning enthusiasts when it comes to building learning management systems. However, deployment of Open edX can become challenging at times. For that, some distribution systems have been created to make the installation process simple and easy and Tutor is one of them.

But, Tutor is not just one of the many Open edX distribution systems. It is the only one that is accessible to Open edX administrators. 

What is Tutor?

A Docker-based open-source Open edX distribution system, Tutor entertains both production and local development intending to make an Open edX deployment easy. It also allows for easier upgrades and customization which simplifies the task of keeping up with the Open edX releases. 

Tutor runs thousands of Open edX platforms, from schools to nationwide learning platforms. It is the preferred distribution and installation method for Open edX as of the Maple release, making it the go-to choice when it comes to selecting a distribution system.

Tutor for Open edX Deployment

Here are the top 8 reasons why you should use Tutor for Open edX deployment.

Cost-effective and Easy Installation

Offering a simplified and standardized installation process, Tutor eliminates complexity from the equation, speeds up the installation process, and reduces the cost of deployment significantly. With just a single sentence command, Regardless of your ability to decipher complex code, Tutor allows you to bypass the intricacies of Open edX deployment and get to the end product hassle-free. 

Automated Configuration

The Tutor distribution system allows the automation of numerous configuration tasks, ensuring all Open edX components work seamlessly. It simplifies the integration of Docker containers, making it easier to manage various platform services.

Modular Framework

With a modular architecture in place, Tutor allows users to enable or disable specific components and features based on their requirements. Users get to customize their eLearning platform to their liking and fulfill their educational needs without any hassle.

Centralized Configuration

Tutor offers centralized configuration through its configuration file (config.yml) despite its modular architecture. This eliminates the need to navigate through various files and directories on the platform and makes settings adjustment a simplified task.

Deployment on Local Machines

If getting the Open edX platform deployed on a local machine is your endgame then Tutor is the right distribution system for you. Local deployment also makes it super easy to test the Open edX instance.


If you are wondering whether Tutor is compatible with all Open edX versions, the answer is yes. Deploying Open edX using Tutor prevents version conflicts that might happen in an otherwise manually deployed instance. The ease offered by Tutor is unmatched as can be witnessed via its one-click system upgrades 

Automated Updates

With Tutor, you don’t have to worry about system updates and maintenance issues. It becomes a straightforward process to move to newer versions of the Open edX instance. Automatic updates also ensure platform security, making maintenance easier and hassle-free.

Community Support

Being an active contributor to the Open edX community, Tutor enjoys contributions and support from developers across the globe. This ensures that the distribution system is always in its best available form, tried and tested by many, and leveraging the knowledge of the best developers working for the Open edX cause.

A Dedicated Organization to Help You

Tutor is actively maintained and supported by a dedicated organization actively helping users of native installation to migrate to Tutor. After acquiring Overhang.IO in early 2023, Edly by Arbisoft is now the Tutor vanguard. This means that if you do struggle to deploy Tutor, need some support, or even consultancy, Edly’s got your back. 

To summarize it all, the Tutor distribution system makes Open edX deployment a simple task with minimal complexities. It helps organizations leverage the full potential of the Open edX platform by burning fewer man-hours.

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