AI Text Summarizing Tools For Course Authors: A Comparison

Summarizing is the process of creating a short version that contains key points of a given text. It is used when you want to give an overview of your lengthy content to readers, making it easy for them to know the gist of it. For writers, summarizing is a must-have skill. However, manually summarizing any text can be a daunting task as it can take a lot of time if you don’t have proper knowledge or understanding of the jargon. This is where AI text summarizing tools step in, designed specifically for content writers and course authors.

While there are many AI text summarizing tools out there, we will be focusing on two in this post namely ChatGPT and Editpad.

Let’s dive right in!

ChatGPT: A Quick Overview

ChatGPT is an online GPT-3.5 trained model that works as a content creation tool. It serves many purposes, and summarizing the text is one of them. The advanced GPT-trained algorithms work to answer anything that humans ask for.

For instance, you can give a prompt to ChatGPT to write a full blog for you. Makes your work easy, doesn’t it?

As a text summarizing tool, ChatGPT requires only input of data that needs to be summarized along with a query requesting a text summary. There, in just a few seconds, you get a brilliant summary.

Does ChatGPT Summarize Text Effectively?

The short answer would be yes. This AI text summarizing tool can give you a summary of any text you share with it in seconds. 

However, the summary it provides can be classified as an abstract one.

This type of summary extracts important points of the text and rephrases them slightly. There is a chance that ChatGPT might sometimes write a summary that doesn’t explain any points that you consider important – unless you feed it a specific prompt as a guideline for extraction of main points. 

Here’s an example.

ChatGPT as AI text summarizing tool

Additionally, ChatGPT can provide a text summary within a given word limit. For example, if you want a 100-word summary, include this in your prompt. ChatGPT will create a summary according to the requirements. This is also another reason why it is the best tool that works to fulfill user requirements.

Editpad: A Quick Overview

Editpad is an online platform that provides multiple online tools for its users, and summarizing text is one of them. This tool is also AI-powered and works to summarize the text by extracting the main points. 

A main distinction between Editpad and ChatGPT is that Editpad only summarizes text whereas ChatGPT can be used to write text on any topic in addition to using it as a summary-generating tool.

To use Editpad, just copy the text and paste it into the tool. It will then start analyzing the given text, and in a few seconds, it will give you the summary.

Does Editpad Summarize Text Effectively?

Yes, it does. However, unlike ChatGPT, it provides an extractive summary.

An extractive summary pulls out the main points and uses them without much change. 

For instance, if you paste a text into Editpad, it will analyze it, understand it, and extract important points without deviating from the main theme of the text.

Here’s an example. The text we used was created by ChatGPT. 

Text summarizing tool

Furthermore, Editpad senses the tone in which the original text is written and copies the same tone in the summary it generates – making it sound like it is written by a human.

Editpad can also help to create a summary according to your word limit. It provides a percentage slider where you can adjust the length of the summary you want to generate using Editpad.

Comparison Table

Let’s compare both tools and see which one wins.

Feature ChatGPT Editpad
Fulfill Word Limit Yes Yes
Free Version Yes (with premium option) Yes (with premium option)
Multilingual Support Yes Yes
Content Creation  Yes No
AI-Sounding Summary May give AI-sounding summaries Does not give AI-sounding summaries
Sign-up Required Yes No
File Uploading No Yes
Download Option No Yes


So… Which AI Text Summarizing Tool is better?

After reviewing both tools and seeing their output, the conclusion is that both AI tools are very effective in summarizing text in their way. While Editpad provides only text summaries, ChatGPT is an all-rounder when it comes to almost anything related to content. It is up to the user to decide which tool is better than the other based on their needs.


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