How to Accelerate Workplace Learning with Edly LMS

The recently increasing demand for workplace learning solutions is not without its challenges. In the fast-paced, constantly evolving corporate landscape, it is essential to come up with ways to train employees effectively and efficiently. To do so requires companies to put thought into their learning goals and come up with training solutions specifically customized to achieve these goals.

While this may sound like a challenging task, the reality is far from it. Creating effective workplace learning platforms is possible when organizations leverage the right kind of expertise from experienced professionals. All that a company needs to focus on is its own training objectives, and leave the rest to the experts! 

As far as experts go, Edly comes with a best-in-class workplace learning solution. Leveraging the Open edX technology, our LMS platform comes with flexible learning solutions, detailed insights and more. Without further ado, let’s dive into why Edly’s workplace LMS solution is the right choice to address your organization’s learning needs.

The Edly Panel

The Edly panel allows users to manage all the essential services available on their workplace LMS from a single point. Having a central point to check up on employee progress, analytics, and user reports makes it possible for your admin team to stay up to speed on how well the training programs are going and what possible issues need to be addressed. The panel gives monthly stats that show how many learners are active, have completed courses, or are currently enrolled in one. 

On top of that, easy user management in the panel allows your admins to give users different roles to be able to access selective information from the LMS. Roles range from Restricted to Admin at the Panel level, and the information accessible varies accordingly. Sensitive data like insights and analytics are only visible to certain higher-level roles. You can even configure different permissions for the different parts of the platform (e.g. Open edX Studio or the WordPress/Discovery Admin site.) 

These features make the Edly panel a useful tool in maintaining a close eye on whether an organization is meeting its training objectives, all from one very convenient place.

How to Accelerate Workplace Learning with Edly LMS Panel

Open edX Studio

Having control over how a training course is designed gives organizations the flexibility to create specialized courses for their employees in a way that complements their actual roles. Open edX Studio gives its users this flexibility. Studio can be regarded as the course authoring engine, where modules can be created in a way that enables workplace learning. This means that everything from the learning materials, to videos, assignments, and discussion forums can be set up as preferred. 

Studio also supports third-party integrations that may be necessary. Users can build unlimited courses with support for multimedia content, animations, and much more. It is also possible to create custom problems with varying degrees of difficulty. Having these tools at an organization’s disposal means that tailored courses can be created that can specifically address topics of their choosing.

How to Accelerate Workplace Learning with Edly LMS open edX studio

Flexible Learning Solutions

The primary obstacle in workplace learning is the inability of employees to schedule their learning around their work responsibilities. With so many tasks to manage in a day, spending huge chunks of time dedicated to learning is simply not feasible. According to sources, employees spend only 1% of their week on training. To address this, it is essential that workplace learning be designed in a way that works with employees’ schedules.

For this purpose, having personalized, flexible training solutions can accelerate workplace learning significantly. Personalized learning involves learners directly by allowing them to create their own learning pathways. This means that employees can pick and choose the modules, assessment types, and assignment submissions. They can choose to learn in short bursts or dedicate a longer time, based on their personal aptitude. Having this kind of flexibility makes training exciting and manageable for employees.

Extensive Reporting Tools

Edly Insights allow organizations to keep track of the training progress of their employees. Apart from an analytics summary on the Edly Panel, admins and Insight viewers can see data such as learner and course analytics, and even go into learner and course details. These details include data such as top courses by enrollment, new learner registrations, average course progress, and more. 

As mentioned earlier, the Edly Panel also allows you insights into Course Analytics at the macro level with total enrollments, active learners, total completions, average days to complete the course, and completion rate. 

Clicking onto a specific course will give you a list of users enrolled on the course with their name and email address as well as their activity information like graded course progress, total course progress, and completion date, when their login was created, and when they last logged in. 

These data points give you a deeper understanding into the overall performance of your users and their courses. For example, a low completion rate and low total course progress might tell you that your course material is too difficult or not engaging enough.

Having access to this information makes it possible for employers to understand how their workers respond to certain training courses, which courses are well received, and which ones need more improvement. Data such as learner feedback can also help pinpoint specific ways in which a particular course could be improved upon. Using these tools for insights, organizations have the ability to continuously improve the way they approach workplace learning.

Learn On the Go 

Another way to make learning easily accessible to employees is by providing mobile learning solutions. Most employees spend a significant chunk of their time on smartphones and are more likely to access training on their mobile devices than on desktops. Compared to desktop or in-person learning, employees reportedly complete courses 45% faster with mobile learning. As we discussed earlier, employees want to complete courses quickly and conveniently; mobile learning is a way to help them achieve that. 

Mobile learning also leverages microlearning principles to ensure learner retention. Additionally, users can access training while on the go, meaning they do not have to be tied to a desk. The Edly Go mobile app enables users to access course content from their smartphones, just as easily as their desktop, if not more.

Gamified Learning

Gamification in online learning has become a very popular tool to boost learner productivity and enhance retention. Using gamification tools in workplace learning makes it possible for employees to be more motivated since they engage with interactive interfaces while learning concepts. A gamified learning environment can also foster a sense of healthy competition among peers as they compete to gain points or levels within their training course. 

Leveraging gamification to create real-life scenarios can also help train employees for similar events in real life. Simulations can help replicate realistic conditions which might otherwise be hard to teach in certain professions, such as fire safety or emergency medical services. With gamified learning platforms, accelerating workplace learning is not much of a challenge. 

How to Accelerate Workplace Learning with Edly LMS

Make Learning Social

As evidenced by traditional classroom learning, people learn better in the company of others. In eLearning, while individual users access their courses from their remote locations, it is still possible for them to learn as a group. Social learning involves the use of discussion boards and forums where learners can engage in conversation, discuss ideas, collaborate on assignments, and interact with trainers. 

In workplace learning, enabling employees to discuss their training modules and concepts with their coworkers enhances retention and makes way for better learning. Not to mention, increased collaboration online also allows employees to learn how to work as a team in their roles as well. 

edX also offers a Problem Type called Open Response Assessments that can be used to create a more social landscape within your courses. An Open Response Assessment allows your users to respond to a question prompt, perhaps with an essay response or a file upload, but it can also be configured to require peer feedback. Peer feedback allows users to directly respond to each other’s quality of learning within the course. 


The great thing about online workplace learning tools is that it eliminates many obstacles that differently-abled employees may face in traditional training environments. Edly’s platform also provides tools to help users with learning disabilities to be able to train without these roadblocks. From alt text to closed captions and transcription, having diverse training tools enable organizations to tap into all their employees’ skills and ensure that all of them receive the training they need to perform well in their roles.

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Employee performance is only as good as the training they receive. This is why choosing a corporate training platform is perhaps one of the most impactful decisions companies make. Platforms that facilitate learners in their tailored learning journey tend to perform much more confidently than others. This not only keeps profits high and turnover low, but it also goes a long way in cultivating valuable employee-employer relationships. 

With so many tools available to make learning on the job effective and efficient, Edly is the go-to choice for workplace learning platforms. Our LMS solution is carefully designed to train and educate at scale while keeping track of the analytics and providing opportunities to learn socially. To find out more about our workplace learning solutions, feel free to get in touch and request a free demo.

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