Corporate LMS

Workplace LMS

Online learning tools for today’s workplace

Our workplace LMS allows you to connect, collaborate and educate at scale, while tracking progress throughout your organization.

Edly gets how to make learning a part of your growth culture

With Edly’s best-in-class workplace learning management system, instruct multiple different cohorts at scale, keeping the employees’ growth always at the heart of the organization. Our workplace LMS provides extensive reporting options, learner-centred data analysis and frictionless course architecture, helping you track the progress of your entire staff and raising the bar for the whole company.

Results Driven

Create leaders out of learners by providing them the right learning platform. We help you in empowering your employees to unleash the potential you aspire them to reach.

Process Flexibility

Determine the way you want the audience with learning needs more than singular and linear, to access the course. Invest in the future leaders of your company through the learning that we customize as per their individual requirements.

Enterprise Security

Understanding the security needs of our clients, we provide enterprise-grade encryption and use SSL and SSO. Moreover, we’re also compliant with industry standards such as ISO-27001 and GDPR.

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