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Change the Game

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Aiming to overcome the knowledge gap and barrier-to-entry in the domain of progressive data, Change the Game is empowering people by educating them about progressive data skills and enabling them to land relevant jobs easily. The company strongly believes in the power of data and the future of analytics. Hence, Change the Game is focused on building a support system for progressive data enthusiasts, making it easy for them to be a part of this field with the aid of necessary skills and knowledge.

The Challenge

Change the Game is driven to create a pipeline for people interested in progressive data and politics. It’s a challenge for data enthusiasts to enter the market for the first time and access the necessary tools for learning without paying an outrageous amount of money. That’s why Change the Game came up with cost-effective tutorials and programs to be delivered in the form of data boot camps. 

However, the challenge faced by the organization was how to make the Bootcamp accessible to the masses and increase participation. Change the Game’s commitment to inclusivity and a refined learning experience for the participants was another conundrum. These challenges, coupled with the global lockdown due to Covid-19, made the organization think about alternative ways of holding the otherwise traditional, in-person Bootcamp.

"Our goal was always to enhance accessibility to our learning programs. We wanted an online platform for our Bootcamp with a lot more flexibility and cohesiveness than what traditional LMS provides."

Philippa Wood

Training & Executive Director

"We talked to a few other LMS providers but when it came down to flexibility with regard to our timeline and what we wanted to build, Edly was the right fit."

Philippa Wood

Training & Executive Director

The Solution

Change the Game decided to build an eLearning platform that offered more flexibility than what is being offered by traditional Learning Management Systems (LMS). After having discussions with various LMS service providers, Change the Game came across Edly’s solution and services. With an easy-to-use interface, platform-wide integrations, and scalable solution, choosing Edly for this task was easy.

Edly created an eLearning platform for Change the Game that not only enabled the organization to conduct the Bootcamp online in a hassle-free way but also resulted in building a community of mentors, trainers, and participants by making seamless communication possible between them.

Additionally, the simple and centralized eLearning platform developed by Edly provided valuable insights such as learner progress to Change the Game that helped the organization in understanding the needs of Bootcamp participants.

The Result

Change the Game instantly started seeing the positive impact of having an eLearning platform for the Bootcamp. The skepticism of whether or not the online Bootcamp would be as successful and engaging as the prior physical ones came to an end right after the first online happy hour at the Bootcamp.

The organizers felt a huge positive change in the way people started interacting with each other, realizing that online education, if delivered properly, can be as effective as the in-person, traditional mode of education.

Additionally, the self-paced courses on the eLearning platform proved to be a massive success. The positive response received from the participants indicated that a self-paced mode of learning can be as effective as instructor-led training, if not more.

The cutting-edge eLearning platform built by Edly for Change the Game has so far: 

  • Launched 24 courses 
  • Enabled training for 320 users 
  • Led to an average of 35 customers trained per month

The virtual academy model turned out to be more convenient, cost-effective, and useful for everyone. Seeing the advantages of this model, Change the Game decided to continue using it in the long run and is still reaping the benefits.

Edly is a proud enabler of this shift from the physical, traditional form of training to online, eLearning-based training. 

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