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Agile Leadership Journey

Pioneering smart-training to harness the power of business leaders worldwide.

Meet Agile Leadership Journey (ALJ)

ALJ is a global community of coaches and educators with the collective goal of unlocking the potential of leaders across organizations by offering capability building programs that allow them to maximize business outcomes in the face of highly uncertain and rapidly changing scenarios.

The Challenge

As a premier training and capability-building enterprise, ALJ wanted their learner experience to be seamless and impactful. They also wanted to relieve their coaches from the tedious operational tasks behind running the programs so they could make time for what really mattered which was building leader competence. Their desire to do so, however, was confounded by a few factors:

 – Disparate communication: Collaborating over various channels and through multiple tools was a constant pain point for both the coaches and ALJ administrators alike.
– Nonunified teaching approach: With coaches and learner cohorts spread out across the globe, creating a purposeful and consistent approach to teaching was particularly challenging.
– Complicated learning process: With a learner-base comprising of busy professionals who were already pressed for time, making the learning process professional yet simple was a hard balancing act.
– Long time to set-up: Preparing courses for the next cycle usually took days due to the manual set-up process that required administrators to do all the grunt-work each time a course had to be relaunched.

“After reviewing a lot of LMS’s, we decided to go with Edly because of the great feedback we got from their existing clients and their long-standing and powerful relationship with the Open edX® community.”

Dr. Karen Kemerling

Leadership Practice Program Coordinator

“Our coaches absolutely love the new LMS! It takes care of all their process overheads letting them focus on creating stellar learner experiences, which is exactly what we wanted.”

Pete Behrens

Founder, ALJ

The Solution

In their pursuit of streamlining the technology to provide a seamless learning experience to clients, the team at ALJ took Edly onboard based on our extensive experience of creating open-source learning management solutions along with our solid customer reviews.

The scope of this project encompassed numerous items, each with its own unique success factors. The Edly team offered ALJ a full-service e-learning ecosystem, complete with features like:

 – Course library website – to ease the learners’ discovery of flagship training programs
 – Course authoring – to convert the most critical in-person course elements into their digital counterparts
 – Powerful LMS – an integrated, centralized, and simplified platform that made course management a breeze
– Student portal – a centralized place for learners to track their course progress, performance, and deliverables
– Nimble support – to ensure responsive service during the implementation, training, and migration process

A key focus area in the implementation of the solution was to ensure a smooth migration from ALJ’s in-person training to a high-touch e-learning course without losing the impact of their carefully curated programs. Our solution delivered on this by employing the latest in instructional design and course-authoring tools to deliver a platform that offered this seamless transition.


ALJ’s adoption of Edly’s e-learning solution has been a huge success with both its coaches and clients. Anecdotal feedback from their community of coaches centered around the platform’s ease-of-use over task management, progress tracking, and timelines. Dr. Karen Kemerling, ALJ Leadership Coach noted many other positives:

 – Increased efficiency: With simplified task management offered by the LMS, coaches know exactly what their deliverables were along with when these were due, which improves their efficiency
 – Easier accessibility: Coaches can now view and edit courses on their mobile screens when on-the-go


 – Increased attendance: This year saw a spike in learner attendance across leadership courses
 – Reduced course set-up time: With the Edly LMS, course set-up has been reduced by 80% which allows coaches to focus on higher-impact tasks
 – Improved branding: ALJ’s more professional-looking and functioning e-learning system positively contributes to their overall brand.

By combining expert teaching techniques and a diverse knowledge base with an easy-to-use digital platform, ALJ is training thousands of leaders on tackling real-world challenges on a daily basis and we are very proud enablers of this transformation.

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