How To Upskill Employees with an LMS

If there is one thing we learned in the last two years, it is that the success of the company lies in its ability to adapt to the demands of the times. 2020 essentially became 2025 on the digital acceleration timeline. The companies that were able to survive were the ones that had the foresight to equip their employees to swiftly embrace the digital transformation. 

Due to the payoff it provides, talent management expert LHH finds that many companies are now increasing their investments in upskilling. Over 54% of their respondents in their 2022 Compensation & Workforce Trends Report said that doing so would also help them close the skill gaps in their organization. One-way companies are doing this is by improving their Learning Management Systems.

Keep reading to find out how your company can withstand the test of time by investing in its most important asset, the employees, through an LMS.

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Inspire Your Employees to Learn

Allow your employees to seek knowledge through your LMS. When they do, make them feel that the company will provide them with the necessary support every step of the way. Highlight the benefits of ongoing training and clearly communicate how it will enrich their careers. Encourage employees to provide feedback on their training, share their ideas, ask questions, or request specific skills training. Reinforce the action by offering recognition to those who do well on your LMS. But, don’t just recognize achievements; recognize efforts as well.


Utilize the Power of Social Media

The growth of social media has significantly influenced the way people communicate at home and at work. In fact, 8 out of 10 employees use social media at work. If used thoughtfully, it is possible to integrate an LMS with social media. This allows employees to learn unique things through multiple styles, such as infographics, video, and audio, and distribute their lessons using social media platforms. 

Another benefit is that it can also be a non-intimidating means for employees to reach out to their training facilitators and give feedback on existing workshops. An LMS integrated with social media opens up opportunities for social learning by giving employees a space to exchange insights and learn from their peers. It can also be a powerful tool to recognize employees that have gone above and beyond, inspiring their peers to follow suit.


Develop Personalized Training Paths for Each Employee

No two employees are the same, which is why it is important to develop custom learning solutions. Encourage the employee to set their career goals and objectives, and align them with the company’s. Conduct an assessment to identify their strengths and performance gaps and personalize every aspect of their skill-based training. Track their progress and adapt your corporate LMS strategy accordingly, while providing constant feedback.

Include Optional Online Training Resources

Once in a while, a company comes across an employee who is motivated to move up the corporate ladder. To keep these go-getters engaged, provide optional activities, modules, and self-assessments that employees can consume at their own pace. For the best results, opt for microlearning LMS platforms that are mobile-friendly. Employees will appreciate the fact that they can access the material on their mobile devices during their free time or during long commutes, now that more companies are resuming face-to-face work.

To Summarize

While having a dependable LMS platform makes it more efficient for the company to facilitate skills training, the key lies in understanding each of your employees’ strengths and weaknesses. Begin with a skills assessment and develop tailor-fit training in response to it. Lastly, foster a culture of knowledge improvement and provide additional resources to employees who would like to go above and beyond. Your biggest asset as a company is your employees. Keep your company competitive by investing in them.

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Esther Lloyd is a freelance business writer. Her main focus is on understanding how Blue Chip companies have withstood the test of time. She hopes that she will help business leaders apply these lessons so their small businesses will flourish. In her free time, she likes to free climb.

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