Chat GPT Use Cases in EdTech

Few things capture the entire world’s attention quite like Chat GPT has. If you’re sick of hearing about yet another debate on the usefulness of AI, you’re not alone. But the fact remains that for the foreseeable future, AI will continue to stay intertwined with our day-to-day lives. 

You may already be using AI when you ask Alexa to create a shopping list or when your bank detects unusual activity. You definitely depend on AI to curate your social media feed or music playlist. Whatever industry you choose to look into, AI use cases can be found everywhere.

Chat GPT use cases, specifically, are what people are excited about exploring today. Depending on how succinctly you write a prompt, Chat GPT will likely give you surprisingly helpful responses, on any subject, in any industry. The possibilities are endless. 

In edTech, Chat GPT has unlocked the possibility of creating a personal tutor and learning assistant all wrapped into one. Those in the digital education landscape have already started incorporating generative AI in their online learning platforms

In this article, we share some of the ways Edly has used Chat GPT in its online learning platform. Let’s get started!

Chat GPT Use Cases for Learners

Context-Aware Chatbot

Perhaps the most popular application of conversational AI in online learning platforms is through a chatbot. Chatbots mimic natural conversation and allow users to interact with the bot the way they would with their human instructor. AI-powered chatbots go beyond simply offering users a limited number of options with pre-programmed answers.

Instead, context-aware chatbots not only recognize what the learners are looking at but also offer help navigating the specific content that users are viewing. For example, while watching a lecture video, if a user engages with the chatbot, the bot knows what the learner is looking at and can answer in the context of said video. This also applies to any other content learner is looking at.

Without giving away any actual answers, the chatbot helps students understand the content or navigate questions step-by-step. Responses from the bot can also come with related links to the sections or subsections from within the course content. The bot may also prompt the learners to ask further questions or suggest related queries. 

Chatbots offer course-specific help and are available for use whenever learners access their courses. They can also remember and adapt to the learner’s progress. Overall this one on one adaptive tutoring can improve learning outcomes by at least one standard deviation

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AI Coach

Having access to regular feedback can do wonders for learner performance. AI Coach is one of our ChatGPT use cases with the aim to incorporate feedback on learners’ responses. This begins with students typing in response to a question in their online learning platform. To get feedback from the AI coach, they can simply press the ‘Ask the Coach’ button and get immediate feedback specific to the submitted response. Once students review the feedback, they may go back and edit their response, before finally submitting the answer.

Explore Concepts

As a generalized activity available outside of specific courses, students can interact with conversational AI to simply explore a new concept, or research any number of topics. Acting as a search engine that responds back in a conversational tone with specific answers, this application can allow students to access a treasure trove of information.

When first accessed, the bot presents a number of topics the learner can choose to explore. If they have any other topic in mind, learners can simply type it in and get started. The AI responds back, not just with the information requested, but with related queries that the student may ask next. Students can also ask their own questions, and in this way get in-depth knowledge on a topic in fun, conversational increments.

AI Tutor 

Imagine being able to barrage your instructor with incessant questions and getting well-informed answers each time without annoying them. Impossible, right? An AI tutor can make this a possibility. This tool can receive any number of questions from learners and provide detailed, step-by-step solutions to the problems. 

These problems range from specific mathematics questions like equations and trigonometry to more conceptual problems like explaining scientific phenomena. This teaching method isn’t just about unloading chunks of information on the students without knowing its audience. Instead, the bot first asks users what they already know about the subject, and goes from there. 

The tutor could explain any number of subjects, for audiences of any age, depending on how the instructor trains the AI tool. 

Debate AI

Debating is a great way to keep the mind sharp. Students in a traditional classroom setting often engage in debates with their peers but doing so in online learning is a challenge. Debating AI is a Chat GPT use case that can help learners overcome this challenge. Learners simply choose one side of the argument and the AI bot chooses another. Then the learner and the AI can go back and forth, presenting arguments and countering each other’s stance. 

Conversing with Historical Figures

A creative way to capture students’ interest in history is by providing them with a bit of an immersive experience. Conversing with a historical figure can help students learn about key figures in history, as well as significant events they were involved in. This can be achieved by conversational AI. The AI chatbot can even be set up in a way to mimic the conversational style of the historical figure while answering questions.

Learning concepts in a conversational manner is known to enhance retention. Not to mention, students are more likely to prefer interactive activities such as these over reading, which can be particularly dry when it comes to history.

Chat GPT Use Cases in EdTech

Quiz the Learner

Assessing the learners’ knowledge is a key part of any learning intervention. Apart from quizzes and assessments that instructors use to determine grades, learners can achieve a lot from self-assessment as well. Unfortunately, creating multiple quizzes and assessments can be an exhausting task for instructors. This is where generative AI comes in.

Students looking to test their knowledge can simply ask an AI bot to quiz them on a certain topic. The great thing about AI is that depending on the data it is trained on, the same tool can be used to create quizzes in any subject, of varying difficulty. The students can type in their answers and receive feedback from the AI. Chat GPT use cases like these have tremendous potential to boost learners’ achievements.

Collaborate on a Story

Another great application of Chat GPT in online platforms is story writing. Learners can type into an AI chatbot, with a prompt to write a story. The learner can specify what kind of story they want to collaborate on. The chatbot and the learner can take turns developing the story, creating characters, and fleshing out the plot.

Once the story is done, the AI can also allow the students to converse with specific characters from the story, and ask them questions. This form of story writing is unique to AI tools and allows students to think creatively.

Incorporate AI in Your LMS with Edly

Online learning platforms have much to gain from incorporating these Chat GPT use cases in their courses. Most learners find online learning lacking in one-on-one instruction and feedback. AI chatbots and tutors can help significantly reduce this feeling of disconnect and create tailored learning environments within their LMS, best suited to each individual student.

Edly’s team of experts has successfully incorporated many of these AI applications for its clients. If you want to incorporate these use cases into your Open edX instance, feel free to get in touch with our team, or try out our platform for free!

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