Learning and Development in the Era of Generative AI and ChatGPT

Learning and Development (L&D) today is more than just checking compliance training off a to-do list. With technological innovation and shifting attitudes towards corporate training, today’s organizations face the challenge of creating non-disruptive, continuous learning opportunities in the workplace. 

These learning opportunities must be highly personalized and leverage the latest ed-tech innovations to be effective. Among the tools available to organizations to achieve this, generative AI is perhaps the most promising one.

The application of AI in corporate training has really taken off since the introduction of ChatGPT stats in late 2022. AI’s popularity in corporate training can be attributed to its many benefits. According to Deloitte, learning solutions powered by AI have led to a 20% increase in employee engagement and a 15% increase in knowledge retention in organizations. 

In this article, we will take a look at the way generative AI is shaping L&D in the corporate world. Let’s get started!

What is Generative AI?

Generative AI is a type of Machine Learning algorithm that generates outputs such as text, video, or audio based on a prompt. Generative AI leverages generative adversarial networks (GANs), which include two neural networks, a generator, and an evaluator. The model learns from the content that it is trained on and creates outputs based on the information it has. 

Large Language Models (LLMs) are a type of generative AI that produces outputs that sound like natural language. In other words, AI tools like ChatGPT can generate responses that appear to be conversational in nature thanks to LLMs. 

Many AI tools leverage generative AI to produce a variety of different content. For example, Murf is a tool used to generate audio, while DALL-E generates images. It is even possible to generate code from tools like Codex using AI.


How AI Can Streamline L&D

Hyper-Personalized Learning

Usually, L&D programs tend to be developed in a way that allows the programs to be scaled. This, however, leads to a uniform, cookie-cutter approach to learning. When L&D is customized based on the learner’s needs instead, the effectiveness of the learning intervention increases significantly. The problem is: how do you create learning programs on a scale with the desired level of personalization?

Generative AI is a potential solution to this problem. AI can help automate a lot of work in L&D that needs to be done to customize learning. This includes studying learner profiles to eliminate irrelevant course materials, evaluate competencies, and course recommendations based on performance data. These tools can also help learners develop custom learning paths to achieve their desired learning outcomes. 

Create Diverse Content

You can add as many frills to your L&D program as you like but at the end of the day, it is the content that determines how successful the initiative is. Creating quality content is a challenge, and subject matter experts have much to gain from generative AI when it comes to curating content. 

A simple prompt can get you access to a treasure trove of information. Course creators can use these materials to create lecture notes, generate quizzes, and brainstorm activities. Additionally, AI can help repurpose content in multiple different formats. This helps improve the accessibility of the content and caters to different learning styles.

Generate Custom Reports

Online learning platforms create a ton of data. A lot of this data is useful, but depending on the needs of your L&D program, a significant chunk of this information could be irrelevant. Generative AI can help you create custom analytics reports, filtering out any unnecessary data. 

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It is also possible to leverage AI to analyze these reports to determine key findings, draft summaries, and compare the numbers to the previous reports. Some tools can go on to suggest possible areas of improvement and measures that can be taken to address any deficiencies. This may include flagging underperforming learners or highlighting students with good progress. 

Address Skills Gap 

Much like analyzing reports, generative AI can also analyze teams for a skills gap analysis. Based on each team member’s competencies and training progress, the AI can identify underdeveloped skills in different teams and suggest learning strategies to fill these deficiencies. This targeted approach to mitigating the skills gap is a great way to ensure that the L&D program adds actual value to the learners’ lives. 

How Generative AI Can Streamline L&D

Limitations of Generative AI

Generative AI may be transformative to L&D programs around the world, but it does have its limitations. The fact that real-world data comprises certain biases means that the AI training on this data would reflect these biases. This could potentially alienate underrepresented or marginalized groups. 

Additionally, since AI cannot filter facts from inaccurate content, there is a real chance of perpetuating misinformation. As a result, a distrust of AI-generated content can prevent organizations from leveraging its true potential. It is also challenging to implement generative AI in the existing L&D architecture due to its complexity and requirement for technical expertise. 

Addressing these limitations is important due to generative AI’s immense potential. Leveraging human intervention or adding certain constraints to AI is a viable solution to this end. As technology evolves, more and more of these reservations can be addressed. 

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