6 Gamification Examples In Education

Effective learning interventions are all about finding innovative ways to capture the learners’ attention. This has become more challenging than ever due to the data deluge we’ve all experienced at some point in our digital lives. In times like these, exploring more dynamic approaches to learning can make all the difference.

Enter gamification. Gamification involves applying game-like elements in the classroom to boost engagement and motivation among the learners. The idea is to leverage the structural elements of games, such as goal-setting, storytelling, and competition, to break down difficult subject matter. 

Despite its counterintuitive nature, research suggests that teaching with the aid of games is effective. A study by the National Technical University of Athens found that game-based challenges increased student performance by a staggering 89%. A separate study found a 300% higher rate of homework completion. These studies build a strong case for the use of gamification in learning.

Gamification examples in education can range from something as simple as a leaderboard system to much more complicated VR-based scenarios. It all depends on how far institutions want to push the envelope. Let’s explore some ways gamification can be incorporated into education!

Earning Points or Virtual Currency

Incentivizing learners by rewarding them with points or badges is one of the most effective gamification examples in education. Instructors can create a points system for meeting certain academic objectives. For example, completing a supplemental reading or answering bonus questions on quizzes can motivate learners to explore the learning materials beyond the syllabus that is strictly necessary. 

These points can be aggregated and shared with the learners in a leaderboard format, where students can view their points and compare them against others in the class, encouraging healthy competition among them. 

Additionally, adopting a system of virtual currency can allow learners to redeem their points for certain rewards. For example, students can use their coins to purchase a personalized learning plan or participate in exclusive events.

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Training Simulations 

A practical application of gamification in the workplace is via simulations. Organizations can leverage immersive technology to give trainees a hands-on learning experience. Training via virtual reality headsets allows learners to fully immerse themselves in real-world scenarios that they may experience on the job. 

By presenting trainees with challenges of increasing difficulty, they can use trial and error to learn essential skills in a safe environment. These simulations can incorporate real-time feedback and also allow trainees to experience learning from different roles within a simulation. 

Gamified Challenges

Thanks to gamification, quizzes and assignments can be converted into game-like challenges. Students can earn their scores by accumulating points for correct answers. Time constraints can also be leveraged to create a sense of urgency among the students. Completing answers in the assigned time can make learners eligible for extra points. 

On top of that, multiplayer quizzes can allow students to compete against each other in real-time. Alternatively, students can challenge their peers to compete against each other for bonus points. Taking it up a notch, challenges can also be played against AI, which can motivate learners to perform better.


One of the most popular gamification examples in education is the use of storyboarding to guide learners through the challenging subject matter. Storyboarding involves creating a story arc and incorporating learners directly into the plot as it goes through different sections of the course material. Embedding learners in the narrative is a great way to keep them immersed in the story. 

Instructors can use many popular storyboarding apps that can translate course material into a compelling narrative. The positive impact of visual storytelling on the learners’ performance and retention makes it a great vehicle for learning.

Gamification Examples In Education

Incentivised Teamwork

Combining team-based learning with gamification is a great way to foster collaboration and engagement among students. Team-based game-like challenges repurpose learning materials to create challenges, which can reinforce concepts while encouraging students to work with their peers. Teams can collectively earn points and badges while competing with other teams in the class.

Team-based gamification incentivizes students to work together, incorporate their peers’ feedback, and learn from each other. It also creates opportunities for students to support one another as mentors and celebrate their wins with a sense of camaraderie. 

Game-Based Competitions

Perhaps the best use of gamification in the classroom is to encourage healthy competition among the learners. By competing with their peers for points on the leaderboard, students are not only continuously motivated to perform better but they also actively engage with the learning materials while doing so. These competitions also teach students valuable lessons about risk-taking and build resilience within them.

This healthy competitive spirit can also drive trainees in the workplace to refine their skills, develop confidence, and most importantly, participate in a continuous learning culture.

What’s Next?

By connecting reward-seeking behavior to learning, gamification offers a unique opportunity to keep the classroom fun and productive at the same time. Beyond classrooms, workplaces and other organizations can also leverage gamification examples in their education programs. Gamification can help reshape attitudes around any kind of learning.

Having the right online learning platform can make integrating gamification elements a breeze. Take a moment to consider the features of your LMS platform before you begin to incorporate gamification examples in education. Don’t hesitate to ask for expert advice. Team Edly is here to help you with any questions about your LMS. Get in touch with us today or try our platform for free!

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