LWMOOCS Conference 2023: Let’s Talk About the Future of Education

The education technology sector is experiencing a continuous surge of innovation and technological advancements that are transforming how we teach and learn. As new tools, platforms, and methodologies emerge, educators, administrators, and learners must remain informed to harness the full potential of these innovations. 

At the core of the education technology landscape lie MOOCs. Massive Open Online Courses, or MOOCs, are online platforms that offer open-access courses to learners around the world. Exploring innovations in MOOCs is an essential component of staying informed about current developments in ed-tech and eLearning.

That is why Edly is excited to announce its participation in the 2023 Learning With MOOCs Conference. Starting October 11 at the MIT campus in Cambridge, MA, the conference offers an exciting opportunity to connect with educators and industry experts.

Read on to find out details about the program!


LWMOOCs is an IEEE conference that offers a platform for academics, education industry experts, and government professionals to discuss MOOCs, including the latest research, and explore the pragmatic aspects of developing and delivering online learning platforms to global audiences. This ninth installment of the conference will be hosted at the very location of the first-ever LWMOOCs conference, back in 2014. 

2023 LWMOOCS at a Glance

This year’s conference will be focused on trending ed-tech topics like generative AI, blended learning, and inclusivity in education. With two days full of exciting workshops, panels, and poster presentations, the attendees have the opportunity to meet the innovators shaping the future of education. 2023 LWMOOCS Conference

Keynote and Featured Speakers

The keynote address by Dr. Stephanie Blackmon will feature valuable insights and practical strategies for effectively integrating MOOCs into the contemporary educational landscape. 

Some of the featured speakers include Jeff Maggioncalda, CEO of Coursera, and Kelvin Bentley, the founding program manager of the Texas Credentials for the Future. Jeff Maggioncalda, along with Anant Agarwal, the founder of edX, will also be participating in an interactive fireside chat.


One of the most anticipated workshops featuring Generative AI will discuss the opportunities and challenges of leveraging AI tools in MOOC production and content generation. The workshop will also discuss ethical considerations regarding the use of AI tools in academia, along with its application in assessment and feedback. 

Another important workshop, led by Darcy Gordon, will focus on the need for inclusivity training for instructional staff and showcase a blended learning online module created for this purpose. The audience will have the opportunity to explore the module themselves and gather insights on creating similar resources.

Discussion Panels

No conference is truly complete without interactive panel discussions, and LWMOOCs offers attendees several of those. One of these panels will delve into increasing access and reducing barriers faced by online learners, featuring speakers from Carnegie Mellon University, 2U, Coursera, Southern New Hampshire University, and Axim Collaborative. 

Another one of the panels explores how online initiatives impact sustainability in education and the role online learning can play in this regard. Lastly, a discussion between the audience and an esteemed panel of experts will cover the role of AI in creating next-generation MOOCs. 

See You There!

Edly’s team is all set to attend the 2023 LWMOOCs to discuss the future of MOOCs and online education with academic and industry experts in the field. With an unprecedented volume of technical submissions, these three days of the conference promise to be full of valuable insights. We hope to see you there!

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