2022 Open edX Conference: Shaping the Future of Education Together

The much anticipated annual Open edX conference 2022 will be hosted in Lisbon, Portugal, between April 26th and 29th this year. The conference was set to be hosted in Lisbon in 2020, but unfortunately, due to the outbreak of novel COVID-19, the conference was cancelled.

Rising cases of COVID-19 and unavailability of vaccines led to a virtual annual Open edX conference on May 27, 2021 where educational experts and the Open edX community came together to discuss the future of educational technology and the importance of virtual classrooms.

About 2022 Open edX Conference

The Nova School of Business & Economics and Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia (FCT) are excited to host the world’s most renowned speakers, global experts, industry’s leading institutions and the entire Open edX community this year in Lisbon.

The agenda of this year’s annual conference is to explore the future of work and how open technology can be leveraged to up-skill, re-skill, and deliver life-long learning to workers and learners around the world.

It is an exciting event for ed-tech enthusiasts and the Open edX community as they would be able to learn and explore the following:

  • Innovation and the use of technology in business and higher education across a global scale
  • Advancements in instructional design and course constellation
  • Methods for operating, extending and enhancing the Open edX platform
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Importance of Open edX Conference

The Open edX conference is an opportunity for the entire community to get together and share ideas about the ed-tech industry. Renowned business leaders and ed-tech experts from top institutions attend the conference, exchange their knowledge, and discuss the latest technologies and methodologies. If you are planning to attend the conference, then get ready to meet the best in the industry.

Keynotes at the Conference?

Three notable keynote speakers will be enlightening the conference with their experiences. The panel of experts includes:

  • Anant Agarwal: MIT professor, edX founder, and as of last year Chief Open Education Officer at 2U
  • Paula Marques: Executive Director for Business Transformation, Executive Education at NOVA School of Business and Economics and the Head of Innovation at MERCER
  • Tobie Langel: World-leading expert on open source and standardization

Sessions & Speakers

The conference is structured upon the following topics that will showcase at this year’s Open edX conference:

  • Pedagogy & Instructional Design: Creating online education.
  • Platform & Product: Evolving the underlying platform and experience.
  • Integration & Extension: Analyzing the data, exploring the technology

A list of session speakers has been announced:

  • Asad Iqbal & Faqir Bilal (Edly) will be discussing 5 key lessons from creating next-generation workplace training products
  • Miguel Amigot (IBL) will speak about AI-powered skills infrastructure on the Open edX platform
  • Ben Piscopo (edX/2U) will be explaining 2U’s Learning Experience Framework (LXF)

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