Using a Healthcare Learning Management System for Efficient Employee Onboarding

In the healthcare industry, time is of the essence. Between long shifts and a packed schedule, medical professionals can find it challenging to take the time out for training. But here’s the dilemma: anything short of excellent training can have serious consequences in such a high-risk profession. 

This issue is compounded by the fact that medicine is a highly regulated industry. New regulations and certifications keep emerging, making compliance training a necessity. Even more challenging is onboarding new employees who must complete their training modules as efficiently as possible before they can get started in their new roles.

A good onboarding program goes a long way in keeping employees productive and satisfied. Investing in a healthcare Learning Management System is a great way to create thoughtful onboarding solutions for medical professionals. Let’s take a deeper look!

Transparent Learning Trajectory

The best thing you can do for new employees is to give them clarity on their onboarding experience. Many new hires, regardless of the industry, are inundated with new information, protocols, access instructions, and training materials all at once. It would be helpful to give them a detailed and organized onboarding plan, including their learning paths and objectives.

For medical professionals, this is even more important. Knowing the training modules they need to take helps them manage their training schedule in an already busy workday. Additionally, knowing the goals of a training exercise in advance allows them to see the bigger picture and prepare in advance for different modules before they begin working directly with patients and other stakeholders. 

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A healthcare Learning Management System helps with organizing and presenting training plans in a clear manner. It also allows new employees to personalize their training. Creating learning paths of their choice can help them cover modules in the order of their preference and go into as much or as little detail on a particular module as they like.

Competency-Based Training

In an industry where an employee’s performance has significant real-world consequences, implementing competency-based training is a great idea. 

Competency-based training programs depend on a learner’s demonstration of knowledge. By measuring the outcomes a learner delivers after a particular training followed by a subsequent performance period, learners can focus more on acquiring knowledge instead of checking pieces of training off their list. Once a learner has gained sufficient expertise in a particular level of training, they can be moved to a higher level.

One of the benefits of a healthcare LMS is the easy implementation of competency-based training. Administrators can automatically link certain competency levels to certain learning paths. Based on how far along a new hire is in their training, they will be able to access the respective training materials with ease. 



Success in healthcare depends on knowledge as well as practice. Unfortunately, being able to practice in a no-risk environment is close to impossible in medicine. Simulations offer a rare opportunity for medical professionals to practice in a safe environment without damaging consequences. 

Using immersive technology in a healthcare Learning Management System, it is possible for employees to practice procedures, learn about protocols, and familiarize themselves with new equipment in a fairly realistic setup. Simulation-based training helps employees make quick decisions and develop the right instincts. Not only does that help boost employees’ confidence, but it can also make a difference in a patient’s life. 

Simulations also speed up the onboarding process. Healthcare professionals joining an institution can get acquainted with the new environment, even before they step on the premises. Once they do, they can integrate smoothly with their peers and get started right away.

 Using a Healthcare Learning Management System for Efficient Employee Onboarding

Online Mentorship

A great way to ensure smooth employee onboarding is to assign mentors to new employees. A great mentor can make an employee’s transition to the organization easier and more seamless. Having a point of contact to ask questions and advice can eliminate communication barriers that a trainee may face otherwise. Mentors also have the ability to relate to any challenges that a new healthcare professional may face and provide actionable insights. 

From skill development to navigating compliance training, mentors, having been through it all themselves, can offer targeted advice which tends to be more helpful than any other resource. 

Time, however, is a precious resource in healthcare. Many professionals may feel in-person coaching to be a daunting task. Online learning platforms offer a more flexible alternative. Not only are the coaches more accessible through these platforms, but they can also accommodate their constantly changing schedules. 

Update Certifications

Keeping track of certifications and compliance testing can be a hassle. As one of the most regulated industries, the healthcare sector also requires employees to stay up to date on their compliance certifications. This could mean re-enrolling in the same training courses every few years. Manually keeping up with all of these requirements can be exhausting.

A healthcare LMS can automatically keep track of each employee’s compliance progress and remind them when their certifications need to be updated. It can also help keep track of the certifications and training new employees have already completed. Doing so allows employees to focus on their roles without worrying about keeping track of their recertifications.

Edly’s Healthcare LMS Solution

A great onboarding experience sets the tone for an employee’s experience at an organization. This is especially true for healthcare professionals. With a dedicated healthcare Learning Management System, employees can get up to speed efficiently so that they can get right to saving lives. 

A great online learning platform can also benefit healthcare organizations. With easy updates, fewer costs, and better patient care, the case for a healthcare LMS is strong. What remains is making the right vendor choice. Edly’s workplace LMS has helped healthcare organizations implement a tailored eLearning solution fit for their employees. To learn more about our services, feel free to get in touch!

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