Open edX Multisites: Features and Benefits

More often than not, eLearning businesses face a hard time deciding whether to go for an Open edX multisite or use their existing eLearning platform to launch a new course category. Most eLearning platforms are keen to introduce new content under the same brand name but later fail to retain learners.

The lack of focus and customization towards a single topic fails to attract the learners. Let’s use an example to explain this better. Would you prefer buying an outfit at an eCommerce store having products of every kind such as clothing, electronics, kitchen appliances, or from a store containing trendy outfits specifically for your age group?

We are sure you will go with the latter.

For both end-users and the platform, having a multisite is a much more fruitful option. Stick with us till the end to find out what benefits and features Open edX multisites offer for your eLearning platform.

But, what are Multisites?

A multisite is a brand-specific website of a bigger brand. eLearning platforms use multisites to promote their SBU or a sub-brand as a new identity. It is hosted on another domain or a sub-domain of the parent platform. eLearning platforms categorize their courses under different brand names and create multisites.

So if you are planning to expand your brand, opting for a sub-brand with a multisite can be a great option.

Why should you go for Open edX Multisites?

Multisites are a great way to engage your audience and learners. They can help you achieve your learning goals and objectives much easier. Here is why you should opt for multisites:

  • Creates a new identity of the sub-brand that helps in creating a niche audience catering to their requirements.
  • A new revenue stream for your business by providing a customized learning experience at the multisite.
  • Strengthens your commitment to providing quality content to your audience. It gives you the flexibility to introduce various tools, design themes, and structure courses according to the nature of your course category.
  • Aids your SEO efforts as your multisite can send traffic back to your primary platform and provide you with backlinks. 

Features and Benefits of Open edX Multisites

Why you need Open edX Multisites

Open edX multisites can help you achieve a lot with their excellent benefits and exciting features. Here is a list of all the features and benefits you can explore:

    1. Branding: You can group similar courses under one brand name and brand the multisite according to the company guidelines.
    2. Customization: Multisites give you the freedom to customize each webpage separately. You can use the language, fonts, colors, and background of your choice.
    3. Ease in developing different courses: You can add xBlocks to a multisite according to the need of the courses. A specific course might need an xBlock that is not required by any other course. In that case, you can host that course on a multisite.
    4. Regional presence: You can use a multisite to design content for a specific geographical location. You can include a payment method available in that region—ultimately helping your learners.
    5. Cost-Effective: You can save a lot by opting for a multisite hosted on the same server.
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How Edly helped their Client with Multisites?

Edly takes extra care of the requirements of their clients. One of our clients, TheologyX, an eLearning platform, wanted to launch another brand under their umbrella with the name of Cliff College. The client’s requirement was to host both brands on a single server rather than going towards multi-tenancy.

Edly’s team developed a multisite using a subdomain of TheologyX for Cliff College. Through this, a lot of costs that would have been incurred otherwise were saved. Moreover, this multisite gave a new identity and a new brand to courses under the banner of Cliff College. Edly helped them with the expertise of their professional developers and created a multisite with a different theme and design.

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