Edly’s H5P xBlock in Open edX Launch

As part of the latest contributions to the Open edX platform, Edly has successfully launched the H5P XBlock for Open edX which will massively help all Open edX users in generating valuable, high-quality content.

H5P is an open-source content collaboration framework and a standard based on JavaScript. It enables users to easily create and share reusable, dynamic, and interactive HTML5 content in their web browsers, empowering them to efficiently build rich eLearning experiences. Edly’s H5P plugin and XBlock for Open edX is easy to install and makes the content responsive, immersive and mobile-friendly.

H5P XBlock in Open edX

Platforms powered by Open edX can consume H5P content in their courses by using LTI integrations. H5P supports learning platforms in over 50 interactive and engaging activities in their courses. The existing H5P XBlock offered several benefits like interaction reports on H5P.com. However, it had certain limitations as well such as the dependency on H5P.com and less control on capturing learner progress and score.

Another limitation was that the existing XBlock was not easy to implement and typically required dedicated resources for successful execution. While LTI integration is supported out of the box, H5P content hosting on H5P.com has some costs.

Edly’s Contribution to the Open edX Community on H5P XBlock

Arbisoft, the parent company of Edly, has already given over 5,000 contributions to the Open edX community, which makes it the largest and most trusted Open edX® service partner in the marketplace. Yet again, Edly renewed its commitment to Open edX by launching an improved H5P XBlock for the community which has the ability to self-host and play H5P content in Open edX. It enables providers to develop their own H5P content or reuse existing content through this XBlock on their Open edX systems.

This upgraded XBlock offers the following unique and useful features:

  • Ability to self-host H5P content on your Open edX
  • Capture the H5P content score and integrate it with Open edX’s scoring and grading modules
  • Ability to mark H5P content complete in Open edX automatically
  • Save learner state after certain intervals

How to Use the Edly H5P XBlock with Your Open edX Instance

To get started, simply install the XBlock by running the correct Python code, just like any other Open edX XBlock. From there, simply find the course in question and add H5P xBlockto your Advanced Module list. At that point, you’ll have the Edly H5P Open edX XBlock inside of those courses and you can begin adding H5P content to your courses. 

For step by step installation guide, follow the steps shared by our team on GitHub.

If you’re unsure how you can benefit from using H5P in your course, there are several H5P examples and downloads available directly from H5P.org to get started. 

Content types are numerous and dynamic, including accordions, audio recorders, crosswords, fill in the blanks, image sliders, and more. As mentioned above, Edly’s H5P XBlock supports capturing scoring and grading to help enhance question types like multiple choice, true/false, complex fill in the blank questions, and more.

The H5P XBlock is just the latest in a long series of critical contributions that Edly by Arbisoft has brought to the Open edX platform. Providing new XBlocks and other contributions directly to Open edX and our customers is a routine service provided by our in-house Open edX Custom Solutions and enterprise development team. Couple this with Edly’s Instructional Design services, and you can create the content experiences of your dreams!

Already using the updated H5P plugin? Share your experiences with us at hello@edly.io.


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