LMS for non-profits

LMS for Nonprofits

Empowering change makers to transform learning outcomes

Equipped with the best in class learner-centred design, Edly empowers the social impact organizations create seamless knowledge-sharing and upskilling opportunities.

Built for the development sector

The perfect LMS for nonprofits is the one that understands their goals and empowers them to address the needs of their communities in light of their development goals. It does so by building their relationships through a connected, engaged, effective team and an able organization infrastructure that supports learning goals at all levels.

Learning Environment

Tracking logs for analytics, and discussion platforms for a thriving community culture seamlessly integrated, Edly’s strength is creating a complete ed-tech culture.

Extended Enterprise Needs

For multiple streams of different audience, create a unique LMS portal and experience for each audience category and customize it as per the individual group needs, while running the control unit from within one system.


With a global perspective our learning solutions are designed for easy internationalization and can be used all over the world. We provide online communities in 70+ languages.

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