New In: Instruqt Integration with Edly

As part of our vision of creating a smooth customer experience, Edly is constantly on the lookout for solutions that make it easier to use our Learning Management System and allow our users to build creative learning experiences with industry-leading eLearning content development tools. 

Enter Instruqt integration with the Edly platform. Instruqt is a hands-on virtual IT lab that can allow its users to create training, demos, and tutorials without the need to hire any IT personnel. Let’s dive into our latest product update and see how Instruqt can make your teaching and training experiences easier!

What is Instruqt?

Instruqt allows its users to build interactive learning components for tutorials, demos, or walkthroughs without the need to code or install third-party software. Instructors can build modules and challenges in a sandbox environment, right from their browser, and embed them directly within their LMS. Learners can also use these components without going through complicated software installations. With an intuitive and easy-to-use interface, Instruqt has the potential to make course authoring easier and much more creative.

Why Integrate Instruqt with Edly LMS?

  • Easily create quizzes and challenges: Instruqt is perfectly suited for beginners with no coding experience, with a straightforward design and ready-to-use templates to help create challenges for your learners.
  • Incorporate interactive elements in your course: From polls to gamified training, Instruqt helps you create a more hands-on, ‘learning by doing’ experience.
  • Embed in your LMS without going to third-party sites: Any tracks you create can be directly embedded in your LMS platform, thereby minimizing any disruption and saving learners the trouble of navigating to different web pages.
  • No complicated software installation required: Instruqt’s environment comes prepared with all the tools and instructions you need to create your desired content. You don’t need to download or install any software. So you can focus on what’s important: the content.

How to Make a Track on Instruqt?

  1. To begin, first, create a track of your choice on Instruqt. It may contain challenges, quizzes, and tutorials of your choice.
    Instruqt add track-Instruqt-Integration
  2. Users can choose the type of challenge in the Instruqt editor and then save it.
    add track-Instruqt-Integration
  3. You can access the track link from the track dashboard and share it with learners.
    Instruqt add track-Instruqt-Integration

How to Add Instruqt to Edly LMS?

  1. Navigate to ‘Create or Update a course’ on Edly Studio
  2. Go to Settings > Advanced Settings and add “instruqtxblock” in your Advanced Module List
    Add instruqt to LMS-Instruqt-Integration
  3. Now you can create a new Course Section in one of the courses you are authoring. Go to Subsection > Unit and you will be able to choose the ‘instruqtxblock’ from the Advanced Modules
  4. Users can edit the XBlock as per their requirements, including the display name and dimensions of the iframe. By setting the ‘Calculate score on challenge completion’ to ‘True’, you can also keep track of the score. 
  5. To embed the XBlock into your Edly LMS, simply find the link for embedding by visiting Instruqt and checking the Track Detail Page. Once you have located the link to your content, simply copy the Source from this track embed code and paste it into the respective field on the XBlock edit section. Note: You need to have admin rights for the Instruqt dashboard to be able to view the track embed code.
  6. Now, you should be able to see your Instruqt track on Studio once you save ‘Edit Xblock’. Publish the course to view the Instruqt on your LMS.
  7. Once the track is published on the LMS, any user completing the Instruct unit will have their overall course progress updated accordingly.

What’s Next?

Like Oppia and H5P, the Instruqt integration is just the latest of the many ways Edly makes course authoring easier for its users. With the Edly SaaS LMS, you can integrate comprehensive, engaging content with ease. So leave the complicated stuff to us and you can focus more on creating the perfect content for your learners!

If you need to find more information on the Instruqt integration with Edly LMS, feel free to browse the details shared by our team on Github. If you’re already using Instruqt, please share your experience with us at hello@edly.io.


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