How Your Organization Can Benefit From Product Training

Organizations invest a lot of time and resources in creating the perfect Learning and Development (L&D) programs for their employees. However, one area that some organizations often overlook is product training. It’s not wrong to say that very few workplaces have made their product training programs accessible to employees across different departments. And that is where the problem lies.

Turning your employees into your organization’s advocates requires them to understand how your product works and what makes it unique. Whether they are from sales, IT, customer success, or even recruiting, getting an in-depth understanding of the company’s offerings can help them perform better in their roles. 

In this article, we’ll give you an overview of what product training really is and how it can make a difference in your organization. Let’s get started!

What Product Training Is and Isn’t

What is Product Training

Product training falls under workplace training programs that focus on explaining the ins and outs of a company’s products and services. This includes product features, best practices, benefits, and even some troubleshooting. 

Regardless of what department an employee belongs to, product training helps them understand the bigger picture and how their particular role helps in the overall development of the product. It isn’t uncommon to face reluctance from employees to participate in such programs, so it is important to explain the importance of such programs to employees, address their concerns, and clarify any misconceptions they may have. Additionally, partnering with top product development companies can greatly enhance the effectiveness and quality of these training programs.

Here are some key areas organizations should address before launching a product training program:

1. Product Training isn’t purely technical: Some workers fear that product training is technical and that they would not be able to understand the content. It is imperative that the training managers emphasize that the content was created keeping the learners in mind and that the technical aspects would be presented in an easily digestible manner. Not to mention, the training may also encompass many non-technical aspects such as market or competitor analysis. Furthermore, product presentations can be an effective tool during training sessions, allowing learners to gain a comprehensive understanding of the product’s features and benefits.


2. Product Training isn’t one-time: Organizations must clarify that the training is not a one-time event created for new hires. As the products, services, and markets keep evolving so does product training. Regardless of how long an employee has spent in the organization, it is important to stay abreast of these trends.

3. Product Training isn’t (necessarily) boring: Many employees believe that product training would be a boring exercise. This may very well be true in some cases. Organizations must work on incorporating engaging videos, simulations, and walkthroughs into the content. They must also let their learners know about the ways they are working on keeping the learners engaged. Knowing what to expect in training can help manage employees’ expectations.


Benefits of Product Training

Better Product Understanding

Knowing the details of the products and services goes a long way in boosting your employees’ confidence. A clearer understanding of the development cycle, common roadblocks, and customer demographics makes it easier for each employee to understand how their day-to-day work impacts the bottom line. This clarity has a direct impact on how they approach their roles.

Having a better understanding of the product also turns your team into advocates of the product, and makes them more invested in the overall success of your organization. Many internal employees can find ways to improve or optimize existing products and provide creative solutions to issues by leveraging their unique insights.

Boost Sales 

When your sales team has an in-depth understanding of the full scope of your products and services, they are equipped to cross-sell or up-sell the products to clients. Often, the clients may get in touch to inquire about a certain product but your employees may be able to present them with a solution that addresses their needs in a better way.  

Employees with good product knowledge may also be able to pitch other services to a client by anticipating their future needs. This can only be achieved if they have extensive knowledge of the products and services and are trained to recognize what the clients may be looking for. 

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Customer Satisfaction

Customers may sometimes get in touch without knowing the exact solution they are looking for. Many prefer to rely on the organization’s expertise to address their pain points. Good product training prepares your employees for this scenario. Not only can a well-trained team connect the customers to the right product but they can also offer them targeted solutions. 

By making sure that the customers are heard and understood, employees build trust with the customers. These customers are likely to keep in touch with your company for future needs. Understanding customer needs also means fewer returns and negative customer feedback.

Improves Inter-Departmental Communication

Good product training programs also help build connections between different departments within your organization. When employees across departments understand how their roles are intertwined to produce the end product, they end up communicating better. As a result, the internal functions work together more seamlessly. It also opens a dialogue between different teams, meaning that problem-solving and troubleshooting are easier than ever.

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Taking the time out to create meaningful product training initiatives sets your employees up for success. It is important to let your employees know from the beginning what they can expect from the training and how it will help them in their roles. Care must also be taken to ensure that the training is compelling and engaging, and created keeping the learners in mind.

Ultimately, a good product training program benefits the organization. Which is why it may be a good idea to consult an expert. Edly’s corporate LMS can help you create the right product training program built around your employees’ needs. Get in touch with us today to request a free demo!

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