Benefits of Using a Mobile LMS

In this fast-paced life we all live, having a phone by your side is truly lifesaving. When you think about it, we rely on our phones for a lot of things. 

Whether it’s for completing daily tasks, studying, working, contacting people, or for entertainment, mobile phones really make our lives a lot easier.

In the past few years, LMS service providers and app development companies have been creating and improving mobile LMS apps that can be extremely useful in corporate settings. 

Here’s how mobile LMS works in employee training and why it is the future of corporate learning and training.

What is Mobile LMS?

Simply put, mobile learning is using your phone to access learning material and acquire new information as you go. 

Your mobile phone is pretty much all you need to start learning online and access learning materials from the comfort of your home or wherever you feel most comfortable studying. This approach is being used in corporate training more and more these days. 

The vast possibilities and benefits of this method have drawn so many companies towards utilizing mobile LMS. 

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Here’s why it’s so beneficial and can help speed up your employee training process while saving time and money.

Mobility and Flexibility

The primary advantages of mobile LMS eLearning are its mobility and flexibility. 

Not only does mobile learning allow you to use on-the-go learning options, but it also supports easy access to the learning material. You can easily open these documents even when you are offline or your connectivity is weak. 

On top of that, smartphones are now the most dominant devices in use. They are handy; easy to carry, easy to manage. That’s why mobile learning is so flexible. You can access the material and use your phone wherever and whenever you want.

This approach is especially useful in organizations that have moved to a remote or hybrid working model. This, in turn, has significantly raised the demand for flexible learning made possible by mobile LMS in the corporate world.

Need to Connect

An average employee checks their smartphone at least nine times within one hour. That means that they probably spend about three hours a day on their phones.

Since smartphones dominate their private and corporate lives, employees can easily get distracted by them. 

More and more employees have started expressing their wish to complete their tasks on their smartphones instead of having to use laptops and computers. As a result, the demand for mobile apps to adjust and cater to different aspects of work responsibilities has increased. This also includes development and learning. 

Mobile learning has, therefore, reached a high level of functionality and allowed easy connectivity to those who wish to work from their phones.

Attention and Retention

College lectures often fail to capture students’ attention for longer periods of time. The laid-back and attention-lacking attitude reoccurs when young people join organizations to start working. 

So, if the organization follows the traditional method of teaching and training its employees, they will fail to properly onboard them and welcome them into a team.

On the other hand, utilizing the mobile LMS and using interactive content with images, videos, and presentations can actually make a change for the better. This method of learning will increase their interest in acquiring new information. 

Also, it will help employees retain this newly-acquired information for longer periods of time. 

Additionally, having the freedom to study whenever you want, however you want, and wherever you want surely motivates you to do it more often.


Continuous Learning Experiences

People are very prone to turning toward their phones whenever they need anything. 

Want to see what the weather is like today? You can simply google it. Do you want to check some crucial information for your work? Here’s the phone. Do you need to contact someone quickly? All you need is your phone.

Being able to use your phone on the go even when you have no Internet connection is highly beneficial. For instance, your employees may need to quickly brush up on the product prices and features. 

Mobile LMS is active and available 24/7. It also allows you to easily download all of the necessary documents and store them on your phone for future use. As a result, this method offers you a flawlessly continuous learning experience that sits in the palm of your hand at all times.

Tracking and Reporting

Developing an optimized learning program is not the last step of this process. It is highly important for you to get a proper insight into how useful the process is for both the employees and the company as a whole. 

Mobile LMS like Edly Go provide ‘insights’ and reports about learning progress to instructors and course progress to learners. These analytics also contain other useful data that can help enhance the effectiveness of corporate training programs and courses. 

Some examples of insights that can be gathered from LMS reports include::

  • The success of your training program through program completion rates
  • Insight on what areas need to be improved
  • Overall quality of learning

Saving Time and Reducing Expenses

As was already mentioned, mobile LMS offers flexibility in terms of both the time and place of studying. With this kind of possibility, you can expect great benefits in terms of your saved time and money. 

By accessing the learning material wherever and whenever they want, your employees will save a lot of time on their training and use the rest of their time more productively. 

Companies also get to save a lot of money since they don’t have to invest in travel expenses to offer training in person to their new employees.

It takes a lot of money and time to train people through training modules and finance the commuting and traveling options. Mobile LMS easily solves that problem by offering less time-consuming, remote, and more affordable options.

The Future of Corporate Learning

Taking into account all of the previously mentioned benefits and advantages of mobile LMS, one can easily conclude that LMS is the future of corporate learning

In order to constantly improve and show better results, employees have to continue to train and learn throughout their careers. Being able to do so on the go and whenever they want gives a huge advantage to this method of training and learning. 

Considering that smartphones are used widely on a daily basis, LMS has a lot of room to be explored and used, and employees will most definitely appreciate the fact that this allows them to have the freedom and flexibility to learn how they want.

This kind of approach to learning also allows people to be immersed in and interact with the learning material. Since this method is being in demand, we can expect mobile LMS to go through even more updates and offer even more complex and beneficial features in the future. As a growing field, app development will only go up from now, and we can expect to see great things from LMS in the near future.


To sum up, mobile LMS offers amazing benefits both to newly trained employees as well as those who are looking for ways to improve their expertise. 

Technology keeps improving every day, which is why we can expect to see even greater things from mobile LMS in the near future.

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