Higher Education LMS

Higher Education LMS

Bringing higher education to an even bigger audience

Edly’s custom learning solutions are trusted by some of the world’s most prestigious higher education institutions including MIT and UCSD.

Next generation higher-ed eLearning platforms

We connect the dots and bridge the gap between the curators of the learning experience – learners, and course creators alike. There is no comparison if you’re looking for a higher education LMS that builds goal-driven knowledge communities. We empower students to excel, wherever they are.

Personalized Learning

Powerful analytics allow you to keep track of the students’ progress throughout the course. Now you can pace and design the course according to the learner’s capacity.

Learning Insights

Keep in touch with the standing of each of your learners and have data powered insight to arrive at your business decisions.

Wholesome Learning

Make the process of learning better than ever: treating students and teachers both as participants of the learning experience. It is wholesome learning.

Frequently asked questions

We specialize in working with a wide array of organizations and provide full customization to create the most effective branding.

Whether it is building Open edX® ecosystems, or custom MOOC deployment; development of new course materials or blended classes, we work to find the best-fit solution for your needs. Our customized themes help us ensure that you have a fully personalized platform to work with.

We provide the most intuitive and smooth course creation experience through our content authoring tool of choice, Open edX Studio. If you are familiar with Microsoft Word or have ever used any WordPress based site, you’ll find Studio a breeze. In case that you find any difficulty, we are here to help. Word, PowerPoint, Flash, HTML, Audio, or video, be it any format, we support course creation. You can also utilize the progressive publishing feature and keep adding content to a course as you go along.

In addition, we also provide course authoring services for the clients who opt for it.

SCORM (Shareable Content Object Reference Model) is an international standard for tracking E-Learning activities; LTI (Learning Tools Interoperability) is the standard framework for integrating external service tools into the LMS, Edly supports both.

Edly enables course administrators and instructors with tools for close communication. Send direct messages to customized group of users; make global announcements for everyone to see; setup automated emails for special events and more.

Edly provides two kinds of client experience: enterprise and cloud based.

For the enterprise clients, with bespoke requirements, we create LMS instances hosted at their own infrastructure. In case of cloud based partnerships, the learning management system is hosted at our end.  

Our pricing structure is based on a number of factors:

 – Number of learners accessing your system

 – Content authoring requirement

 – Requirement of data migration services

 – Need of specific licenses: active user licenses, registration licenses, an enterprise license, a unique combination of any or all, etc.

 – Customization requirements

 – Support requirements

The services listed above contribute to making each enterprise LMS deployment a unique experience, however, the class of experience Edly offers stays unmatched. Monthly usage fees are based on the number of individual users, or a pre-set monthly fee based on any certain numbers of users.

We keep it smooth for you. Our support team are available for our partners’ technical and non-technical needs 24/7. We also offer technical support and assistance to facilitate instructors and learners during setup and configuration and beyond.

You most definitely can! Edly provides you with a built-in eCommerce system, empowering you to sell your online courses, instructor-led training, certification programs, and even physical products. In addition, you can integrate all the major payment gateways – including but not limited to, CyberSource and PayPal.

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