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Elearning Business Solutions

Full-stack solution for your eLearning business

Edly brings high-value solutions, years of experience and expert insights to table, for our enterprise partners.

A completely customized, proprietary platform built for your learners

Integrate new learning features and insights, moving in-step with your audience and their learning needs. Make sure that your systems are a statement of professionalism and implemented with human warmth you won’t find elsewhere.

Any Course, Every Learner

From advanced reporting to custom-integrations and branding, our wide range of learning management system features are powered to cater to every audience segment and any course nature.

Learner-Centred Design

As an ed-tech company, we create truly learner-focused ecosystems and keep learner experience designing at the heart of Edly development.


Our industry-standard frameworks connect your platform with hundreds of rich learning applications, tools, and your favorite apps to make learner experience your own.

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