New: Edly’s Admin Control Panel

When you have a bunch of items that need to be accessed from one account, it’s always a relief to have everything in one place.

Imagine this: You have to schedule a meeting with your Gmail account, link out a Google Sheet in that calendar invite, and create a quick Google form too while you’re at it. With the G-Suite panel, you can do all this from one place without having to jump through hoops and multiple sign-in pages to pull this off.

With the Edly Admin Control Panel, our goal is to offer the same convenience to all our customers so they can access all the crucial elements behind their LMS from one place.

Watch this quick product walk-through to learn how to navigate through your control panel:


What is it?

The Admin Control Panel is a new Edly feature that allows you to access your LMS, Course Studio, Course Discovery Website, and third-party integrations from one place. It also lets you look at quick statistics extracted from your LMS through a visual dashboard while also enabling you to manage users, their roles, and your payment plan without having to switch screens.

Why does it matter?

Managing the various moving parts behind an e-learning solution can be a time-consuming process. Some of the many process overheads include monitoring the learner experience, evaluating course performance, and managing billing/payments all while keeping an eye on the administrative tasks that power the whole system. Keeping track of all the tools and juggling accessibility across multiple levels is hard and can often leave you feeling lost in a mix of data points that don’t lead you anywhere.

The Admin Control Panel, also called the ‘Edly Panel’ for short, gives admin-level users a quick overview of their most meaningful statistics through a well laid-out dashboard and also enables them to access numerous functionalities from one place saving them time and improving their efficacy in managing the system.

How does it work?

The Edly Panel is a centralized place that offers snapshots of your course performance, active users, payment plans in one single view by combining the most critical data points from all levels of your LMS. Some core features include:

– Quick access to the learner-facing LMS

– Access to the course set-up studio

– Access to your course marketing site and theming options

– A dynamic dashboard with stats on monthly active users, users enrolled in courses, and total course completions

– Ability to add and remove users

– Ability to modify user roles and permission levels

– Visibility over your monthly active users and tiers to track billing

The Edly Panel is available to all Edly customers.

To learn more about how to make the most use out of your panel, get in touch with your account manager and they’ll happily offer a personalized walk-through.

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