Xqueue Grading Plugin

Xqueue Grading Plugin

Integrate the XQueue external grading system plugin for your Open edX instance




The Xqueue Grading Plugin is designed to integrate the Xqueue external grading system into Open edX® platforms, providing a mechanism for assessing and grading student submissions, particularly in the context of programming assignments.

The Xqueue Grading Plugin is tailored for you if:

  • You Manage Open edX Instances: If you’re responsible for deploying and managing Open edX instances using Tutor, this plugin is designed to integrate into your workflow
  • You’re an Educator or Instructor: As a professor, or course instructor on Open edX, you can leverage this plugin to enhance your ability to assess and grade programming assignments
  • Your Courses Include Coding Assignments: If you offer courses with coding assignments or programming assessments within the Open edX environment, this plugin is a valuable addition
  • You Want to Use Xqueue for Grading: If you’re interested in streamlining and automating the grading process
  • You’re Already Familiar with Tutor: If you’re already using Tutor as your platform for deploying and managing Open edX, this plugin extends its functionality to provide advanced grading capabilities
  • You’re Part of the Open edX Community: As a member of the Open edX® community, you can benefit from efficient tools for managing and grading assignments in programming or related fields

Key Features

  1. Swift Integration: Integrate the powerful Xqueue grading system into your Open edX® courses, managed by Tutor.
  2. Easy Submission Handling: Submit your students’ work for evaluation and grading through a straightforward interaction with the Xqueue API.
  3. User-Friendly Command-Line Interface: Utilize a user-friendly command-line interface to interact with the Xqueue service, making tasks like counting submissions and reviewing details as simple as possible
  4. Flexible Problem Definition: Define coding problems effortlessly using XML-based templates in the Open edX studio, supporting both standard and file submission problems tailored to your teaching needs
  5. Personalized Configuration: Tailor the plugin to your preferences with default configurations for authentication, Docker image details, and repository information. Modify them easily using simple commands
  6. Simple Debugging: Debug the Xqueue service effortlessly by mounting the Xqueue repository from your host into the development container, ensuring an improved learning experience for your students.




This Tutor plugin is maintained by eduNEXT. Community support is available from the official Open edX forum. Do you need help with this plugin? See the troubleshooting section from the Tutor documentation.


This work is licensed under the terms of the GNU Affero General Public License (AGPL).




Last updated:

11th Dec, 2023