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User Retirement Tutor Plugin

Simplifying Account Management in Open edX with Tutor.


Cleura’s Education Team


The User Retirement Tutor plugin is designed for your use with the Tutor deployment tool in Open edX. This experimental extension introduces a user retirement feature, allowing you, as an administrator, to deactivate or remove user accounts based on specified conditions. To get started, install a compatible release using the provided version compatibility matrix. Use the pip package manager to install the plugin from its GitHub repository.

If you’re managing Open edX with Tutor, the User Retirement Tutor plugin is designed for you. Whether you’re an administrator, Tutor user, or developer, this plugin helps implement and manage user retirement features, allowing controlled removal of accounts. Keep in mind it’s experimental, so be ready to explore new features and follow version compatibility guidelines for a smooth integration.

Key Features

  1. User Account Management: You can deactivate or remove user accounts based on specific conditions.
  2. Version Compatibility Guidance: Use the provided version compatibility matrix to ensure you install a release compatible with your Open edX and Tutor versions.
  3. Installation and Activation: Install the plugin via pip from the GitHub repository and activate it using the tutor plugins enable retirement command.
  4. Docker Image Building: Build the required Docker image for the plugin with the tutor images build retirement command.
  5. Restart for Proper Functionality: Ensure proper functionality by restarting your Tutor deployment with tutor local quickstart or tutor k8s quickstart.
  6. Manual Retirement Pipeline Initiation: Use the tutor local retire-users command to manually initiate the retirement pipeline in a local deployment.
  7. CronJob for Kubernetes Deployment: For Kubernetes deployments, customize the schedule using the RETIREMENT_K8S_CRONJOB_SCHEDULE parameter.
  8. Configuration Customization: Tailor configuration settings, such as OAuth2 client ID and CronJob parameters, using tutor config save –set PARAM_NAME=VALUE.
  9. Caution Regarding Experimental Status: Exercise caution as the plugin is marked as experimental. Follow version compatibility guidelines and consult the documentation for accurate usage.


User Retirement Tutor plugin screenshot


This software is licensed under the terms of the AGPL-3.0 license.


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