Object Storage for Open edX with S3 plugin

Object Storage for Open edX with S3 plugin

Optimize Open edX integration with external s3 storage for custom flexibility.


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The Object Storage for Open edX with S3 plugin is a tool for you if you’re using the Tutor platform to manage your Open edX instances. It allows you to integrate your Open edX with external S3 storage services like AWS S3 or alternatives such as Ceph with radosgw. With this plugin, you can easily configure custom S3 settings tailored to your needs, specifying AWS access key, secret access key, S3 host, port, region, SSL usage, and other relevant parameters. It ensures that the version you install is compatible with your Open edX and Tutor versions, providing flexibility and customization for your S3 storage setup. The plugin comes with detailed documentation to guide you through the installation and configuration process.

This plugin is meant to make a Tutor-managed Open edX interface with S3 hosted outside of Tutor. If instead, you want to deploy your own S3-compatible storage platform as part of Tutor, please consider the minIO Tutor plugin.

Key Features

  1. Integrate External S3 Storage: Connect your Open edX instance with external S3 storage services, whether it’s AWS S3 or alternatives like Ceph with radosgw.
  2. Configure S3 Settings: Tailor S3 configurations according to your needs. Set AWS access key, secret access key, S3 host, port, region, SSL usage, and other parameters as required.
  3. Ensure Version Compatibility: Make sure to install a plugin version that aligns with your Open edX and Tutor versions for a supported integration.
  4. Utilize Tutor Platform: Designed specifically for users managing Open edX instances through Tutor, ensuring optimal compatibility and integration.
  5. Flexibility with S3 Services: Choose the storage solution that fits your requirements. This plugin supports various S3-compatible storage services, providing flexibility in your deployment.
  6. Simplified Installation: Install the plugin easily using standard package management tools like pip, streamlining the deployment process for Tutor users.
  7. Customize Configuration: Tailor settings such as bucket names for different storage types within Open edX to suit your specific requirements.
  8. Access Detailed Documentation: Refer to comprehensive documentation for step-by-step guidance on installation, configuration, and considerations for different S3-compatible services.
  9. Address Technical Considerations: Navigate technical aspects, including compatibility with Tutor versions, S3 addressing styles, signature versions, and custom domain settings.


Object storage for Open edX with S3


This work is licensed under the terms of the AGPL-3.0


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