Notes Plugin

Enable note-taking to annotate, engage, and personalize your Open edX experience




The Notes Plugin is an extension that integrates the Open edX note-taking app into Open edX platforms. This plugin allows students to annotate course content for a more interactive learning experience.

Key Features

  1. Advanced Annotation Capabilities: Take control of your learning journey by annotating specific courseware sections, creating a personalized and engaging study experience
  2. Streamlined Installation Process: Integrate the plugin into your Open edX platform using simple Tutor commands, making the installation process smooth and hassle-free
  3. Tailor Your Learning Environment: Customize your learning space with a variety of configuration options, allowing you to adjust settings for MySQL databases, secret keys, OAuth2, and Docker images according to your needs
  4. Course-Specific Empowerment: Enable notes for specific courses, giving yourself the flexibility to make the most of this feature where it matters most to you
  5. User-Friendly Debugging Support: Address any concerns with ease as you utilize the user-friendly debugging feature, which includes the option to mount the edx-notes-api repository for a seamless resolution of potential issues

The Notes Plugin is crafted for various users within the online learning community. If you find yourself in any of the following roles, this plugin can be particularly beneficial for you:

  • Educational Institutions: If you represent a university, college, or any educational organization utilizing Open edX, you can integrate this plugin to elevate the interactive elements of your courses
  • Instructors and Course Developers: As an instructor or course developer, empower your students with note-taking functionality, allowing them to personalize their learning experiences
  • Administrators: If you are responsible for managing Open edX platforms, this plugin will enhance overall functionality and engagement on the learning platform
  • Students: If you’re a student eager to actively engage with course content, this plugin is designed for you; you can take advantage of the note-taking feature to personalize your learning experience and interact with the course material more effectively

Whether you’re involved in administration, course development, or are a student seeking a more interactive learning experience, the Notes Plugin is tailored to enhance the note-taking capabilities within the Open edX platform, making it a valuable tool for your educational journey.



This Tutor plugin is maintained by eduNEXT. Community support is available from the official Open edX forum. Do you need help with this plugin? See the troubleshooting section from the Tutor documentation.


This software is licensed under the terms of the GNU Affero General Public License (AGPL).



Last updated:

11th Dec, 2023