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Enable interactive learning, fostering dynamic course discussions




Make your Open edX learning experience more collaborative with the Forum Plugin. Integrating discussion forums directly into your Learning Management System (LMS), this plugin creates an enriched environment for dynamic interactions and knowledge sharing. It caters to educators, administrators, and students, offering a purposeful space for engaging course discussions and fostering collaborative learning experiences.

As an educator, empower yourself with the Open edX Forum Plugin to facilitate meaningful conversations among your students. Create an interactive space where they can discuss course content, ask questions, and share insights, enhancing their engagement and collaborative participation in the educational process.

As an administrator, the plugin enriches your learning environment by integrating discussion forums. This functionality supports project-based learning initiatives, allowing students to collaborate on assignments, share ideas, and work together. Such collaboration extends beyond traditional classroom boundaries, aligning perfectly with the growing emphasis on collaborative project discussions in modern education.

As a student, benefit from the Open edX Forum Plugin by gaining access to a dedicated platform for interactive course discussions and knowledge exchange. Especially valuable for online courses, where community-building is essential, connect with your peers, engage in discussions, and build relationships. The plugin caters to your evolving needs in an increasingly digital and interconnected educational landscape.

Key Features

  1. Efficient Installation and Setup: Streamline the integration process with easy commands, ensuring a prompt and efficient setup tailored to your preferences.
  2. Intuitive User Interface: Engage in discussions without grappling with technical complexities. The intuitive interface ensures accessibility for educators, administrators, and students, maintaining a professional and user-centric environment.
  3. Tailored Configuration Options: Personalize the platform to meet your specific requirements. Adjust Docker image, MongoDB settings, and more, offering flexibility and control over your collaborative learning environment.
  4. Compatibility with Modern MongoDB Syntax: Ensure smooth compatibility with contemporary database practices. The plugin simplifies the configuration process, providing a modern solution for users who value efficient and effective collaboration.


Forum Plugin


This Tutor plugin is maintained by Zaat.dev. Community support is available from the official Open edX forum. Do you need help with this plugin? See the troubleshooting section from the Tutor documentation.


This software is licensed under the terms of the AGPLv3.



Last updated:

11th Dec, 2023