E-commerce Plugin

Monetize your Open edX instance to support selling access to courses and certificates




Discover how to monetize your Open edX platform with the E-Commerce plugin. This plugin integrates the E-Commerce application into your Open edX platform using Tutor. Personalized for educators, administrators, and students, the E-commerce plugin enhances your online learning environment by incorporating essential E-Commerce functionality.

Benefits and Use Cases

  • Monetization at Your Fingertips: You can easily sell course access and certificates, transforming your courses into revenue streams with the integrated E-Commerce solution
  • Integration Made Simple: Plug into the Open edX platform with ease. Tutor’s user-friendly plugin ensures you a smooth and trouble-free integration process
  • Payment Platforms You Trust: Choose from a variety of trusted payment processors including Paypal, CyberSource, and Stripe—making transactions secure and convenient
  • Flexibility Tailored to You: Customize settings to match your needs. From identity verification to payment processors and currency, enjoy the flexibility to adapt to your unique requirements
  • User Interface, Your Control Center: Manage operations of your E-Commerce business easily with the intuitive user interface

Key Features

  1. Flexible Installation: Compatible with Tutor versions 12.0.0 and above, easily integrates with Discovery and MFE plugins
  2. Configuration Options: Easily customize settings such as payment processors, host configuration, and currency preferences
  3. Cybersource and Paypal Support: Configure and enable popular payment processors for secure transactions
  4. User-friendly Operations: Simple steps to create admin users, troubleshoot, and enhance the E-Commerce platform




This Tutor plugin is maintained by Muhammad Faraz Maqsood from Edly. For community support, visit the official Open edX forum.

Need help with this plugin? Refer to the troubleshooting section in the Tutor documentation.


Pull requests are welcome! Please read the “contributing” section from the Tutor documentation.


This work is licensed under the terms of the GNU Affero General Public License (AGPL).



Last updated:

11th Dec, 2023