Cairn Analytics Plugin

Unlock the power of real-time analytics and reporting with Cairn for Open edX




Cairn, the analytics tool for Open edX, provides a comprehensive platform to assess the performance of your online courses. By collecting, storing, and exposing crucial data, Cairn simplifies the analytics process, offering a user-centric experience to educators, administrators, and learners alike.

Cairn Analytics Plugin is your go-to solution for gaining insights into online course performance. From efficient data collection using Vector to real-time visibility through Clickhouse and Superset, Cairn unlocks unparalleled analytics capabilities for you.

Designed with you in mind, Cairn Analytics Plugin is ideal for educators, administrators, and learners like you who seek in-depth analytics on Open edX courses. Unlock a unified platform for effortless data exploration.

How Does Cairn Analytics Plugin Work?

Cairn works in a simple way, following the collect/store/expose approach. Here’s how:

  1. Collection: Vector, a powerful log collector, efficiently gathers tracking logs on the server side
  2. Storage: The collected tracking log events find their home in a Clickhouse table, a fundamental component of Cairn. Clickhouse not only stores tracking logs but also exposes MySQL data through live and materialized views. This unique feature enables integration of event and MySQL data.
  3. Exposure: The data stored in Clickhouse becomes visible to end-users through an Apache Superset frontend. In other words, Cairn makes it easier for you to access and explore your data.


Cairn vs Alternatives: A Quick Comparison

Features Cairn Open edX Insights Figures
Event Aggregation Yes Yes No
Real-time Data Yes No Yes
Easy to Install Yes No Yes
Custom Queries & Dashboards Yes No No
Works with Latest Open edX Versions Yes Yes No

Use Cases and Scenarios

  • As an educator, you can track learner engagement and monitor course progress
  • As an administrator, you gain a scalable solution for making informed, data-driven decisions
  • As a learner, you enjoy real-time visibility into your course activities and progress

Key Features

  1. Quick installation with easy Tutor commands
  2. Real-time visibility into learner-triggered events
  3. Unified Data Lake for easy querying and exploration
  4. Pre-built dashboards for quick insights
  5. Customizable data and dashboards using SQL
  6. Scalable design for Internet-scale operations


Cairn Dashboard

User Management Alert

Important! If transitioning from an older Cairn version, review the “manual user management” section for changes in the user management process.

Metrics at Your Fingertips

Explore key metrics with the default Cairn dashboard, covering:

  • Weekly course engagement
  • Course progress and demographics
  • Video engagement


Easily configure Cairn to suit your needs with simple Tutor commands:

  • Adjust general settings with tutor config save
  • Customize Clickhouse and Superset settings for tailored analytics


Should you encounter any issues, refer to the troubleshooting section in the Tutor documentation or seek community support on the official Open edX forum. This project is maintained by Régis Behmo from Edly.


During development, access the Superset user interface at http://data.local.overhang.io:2247. Reload Vector configuration and explore Clickhouse database with provided commands.


Cairn is open-source and licensed under the terms of the AGPLv3, fostering a collaborative and innovative analytics solution for the Open edX community.



Last updated:

11th Dec, 2023