Backup Plugin

Backup Plugin

Backup and restoration for Open edX and improved reliable data protection


Cleura’s Education team


The Backup Plugin for Tutor is an extension module designed to enhance the functionality of Tutor, a platform used for deploying and managing Open edX environments. This plugin specifically focuses on providing robust backup and restore capabilities for services such as MySQL, MongoDB, and Caddy in both local and Kubernetes Tutor deployments.

Whether you’re part of an educational institution, organization, or an individual deploying Open edX in local or Kubernetes environments, this plugin caters to your needs, providing versioned backups aligned with specific releases and configurable options for a personalized experience. It’s a valuable addition to your toolkit, offering peace of mind and adaptability in managing and safeguarding your Open edX platform.

Key Features

  1. Local and Kubernetes Support: Provides seamless backup and restore functionality for both local Tutor deployments and Kubernetes environments
  2. Comprehensive Backup: Creates a single compressed tar file containing dumps of MySQL and MongoDB databases, along with the Caddy data directory, ensuring a comprehensive backup of critical services
  3. S3 Integration: Stores backup tar files in an S3 bucket in Kubernetes deployments, enabling secure and scalable storage for backup files
  4. Version Compatibility: Offers version-specific releases, ensuring compatibility with the corresponding versions of Open edX and Tutor
  5. Flexible Configuration: Allows you to customize backup behavior using various configuration parameters, including CronJob schedules, storage settings, and exclusion options
  6. Selective Database Backup: Permits you to include or exclude specific MySQL and MongoDB databases from the backup, providing flexibility based on deployment requirements
  7. Support for Upgrades: Guides you through smooth transitions during service version upgrades, recommending necessary commands to ensure data integrity
  8. Changelog and Versioning: Maintains a detailed changelog documenting features and fixes in each release, keeping you informed about updates and improvements



This plugin is maintained by Cleura’s Education Team.


This software is licensed under the terms of the AGPLv3.


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