Partner Training

Channel Partner training that works

Improve collaboration with a training that brings forth a unified business understanding.

Better understanding leads to better work

Your business relationships are of varied nature and in need of separate treatments depending on their type. Edly brings forth training that triumph all the unique challenges of scheduling, geographical limitations, tracking, ROI, and updating materials. Develop a frictionless understanding that steadily grows to translate into your business boom.

White Labeling

Personalizing a platform was never this easy. Multiply your profits by saving your time, energy, and money in terms of production costs while we have you covered for the most customized interface for all your learning channels.

Developer Friendly APIs

Arguably the single most significant feature for training automation, comprehensive application program interface (API) is one of our core strengths. We build out-of-box, custom APIs for stronger, better end-user experience.


Our multisite design provides a unique customized portal for each of your audience streams (customers, partners, employees, etc.), while running the control unit from within one system.

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