Learner support

Learner Support

Learners are your success story, and we make it happen

Transforming the process of learning by putting the learner at the core of our services. We provide learning support you won’t find elsewhere.

Superior learning support, for near or far

We can cater to the support requirements of millions of users as seamlessly as of a dozen. With our intuitive deployment of support solutions and an extensive understanding of learners, Edly comfortably provides for the demands of large audiences and distance learning. With spectacular learner experience being at the core of our business, we ensure that the only answers that your learners look for are to questions within your courses.

Round-the-clock Availability

Edly empowers your learners with the most nimble support you’ve seen. With experts available 24/7/365 (for real) to solve from the tiniest to the grandest of queries from your learners, we make sure that there’s no speed-bump in their learning experience. 

Real Humans Solving Real Problems

We know that being able to talk to a real person on the other side of the screen can be a huge relief, especially if you have a pressing concern at hand. That’s why we try to humanize our entire support process with real people addressing queries with custom responses all in real-time.

Only the Best for Your Learners

Our awesome support team members are experts at what they do. Having been trained by edX® and having served years in solving learner problems for a variety of organizations, our team excels at resolving queries within the first response without any unnecessary redirections.

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