Our Expertise

It takes years to get this good

We recognize learning as a form of leadership. This is why we take enabling learning very seriously, right from the grassroots level. And this is exactly how we’re able to harness the power of technology to serve our purpose.

Scale based on your business needs.

From small organizations with hundreds of learners to large enterprises with millions of monthly users, Edly offers solutions which scale as your challenges shift.

Multiple platforms. One partnership.

Take full advantage of our mobile platforms' innate capabilities to make learning more effective. Your learners can take courses from their Android & iOS devices on the go.

Unmatched enterprise mastery.

As the largest, and most trusted Open edX® service partner for extended enterprise solutions, we tailor the platform so that you grow with Edly; unlike other LMS’s that you eventually outgrow.

Over 40 million learners already depend on education platforms we’ve helped build.

The choice experience

Learner-centered design

Enabler of an ace Open edX® experience, our solutions begin with a user story: we build programs UX-first. We keep Leonardo da Vinci’s ‘Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication’ as our rule of thumb.

Trusted Solutions

Edly’s Open edX® advantage

We’re on the cutting-edge of technology, with a strong focus on open source. Keeping our tech stacks updated, passing on the benefits to our clients. Open edX® is the underlying engine that powers the learner experience of our solutions.

Flexible Support

Round the clock support

Edly provides uncompromised support plans for all matters of technical and non-technical issues. We offer coverage for all timezones, platform types, issues nature, user roles and organization size.


I couldn’t be more pleased with the Edly team…from the beginning, they felt like members of our own team—true partners rather than vendors.


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